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Chronic pain

Talk to me about your fibromyalgia please

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NoGoodUsernamee · 16/07/2022 20:12

What were your first symptoms?
How long did it take for you to be diagnosed?
Has it got a lot worse since your first symptoms?

I'm starting to strongly suspect I may have it and im feeling very down indeed :(

thank you x

OP posts:

userxx · 16/07/2022 20:17

I've questioned this myself, what are your symptoms ?


dementedma · 16/07/2022 20:21

Crushing fatigue,inability to stay awake,entire body aching and hypersensitivity to pressure on various points. Difficulty lifting my arms for things like hanging up washing. These were my main symptoms


gonnabeok · 16/07/2022 20:28

My main symptoms were feeling bruised all over even though I wasn't. Sore spots in certain places which hurt when any pressure was put on them. Feeling completely drained for much of the time. Brain fog. My legs burning when I tried to do even gentle exercise. It took 8 years for me to be diagnosed. My GP kept telling me to put my feet up. But that was years ago when it wasn't really as well know as it is now. In the end I paid to see a private rheumatologist who diagnosed it. These days clinica won't do an assessment for fibro until you've had a load of blood tests first to rule out other things.


NoGoodUsernamee · 16/07/2022 21:08

Thank you - my symptoms are body aches, like intense cramping pain as if I’ve ran a marathon yesterday. In my feet, toes, legs, arms, hands and fingers. Pins & needles & dizziness.

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