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Chronic pain

Chronic pain and renewing work first aid certificate

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Hallelujah2020 · 10/07/2022 07:02

I can’t decide if I’m being over sensitive or not. Due to renew first aid next week on a day course. I emailed company as I am going in for a knee replacement shortly.

I can kneel but painful so just wanted to see what could be done to help during bits I need to kneel on hard floor for

V abrupt reply, basically if I can’t kneel I shouldn’t be there and if trainer thinks I’m putting myself or others at risk I’ll be not allowed to continue

I thought they might be more accommodating to people with disabilities I guess!

OP posts:
randomsabreuse · 10/07/2022 07:20

I think the issue is that you need to be fit to do first aid (which is pretty physical) otherwise what's the point of having the certificate other than as a tick box exercise.

Same as airlines require people sitting in exit rows to be physically fit, and firecrew have fitness tests to pass.

ldontWanna · 10/07/2022 09:12

Are you the only first aider at work?
Can you talk with your manager and see what they suggest?
Check the first aid's company policy on inclusion/disabilities and what adaptations they have in place.

DuckWithOneWing · 20/07/2022 20:10

I'm a first aid trainer (and I'm also disabled) and unfortunately there's only a limited amount we can do to accommodate for disabilities. You have to be able to do the treatment required, otherwise legally you cannot be a first aider.

So you have to be able to do CPR for 2 minutes, and this has to be done with the patient on the floor and you next to them. You have to be able to put someone in the recovery position, so they're on the floor and you get down to treat them. That's the HSE's rules and not the first aid company's.

The other bits can be done in other ways, so it's not that much of the course you'll need to kneel for. If it helps, you could take a towel or similar to fold up and use as padding under your knees. You'll need to get back up off the floor as well, but could use a chair for support and you could stay down on the floor between "goes" to minimise getting up.

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