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Chronic pain

Why does my body just hate me?

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ArseInTheCoOpWindow · 05/07/2022 21:58

Nerve pain in arm and neck 12 months), lower back pain around sciatic nerve is constant. The last 2 months my knees have just seized up when walking down stairs and hill. The pain is horrific, bursitis in both knees. Chronic Achilles problems in both feet. Can hardly walk.

What exactly qill
thw pain clinic so as l have an appointment next week. I keep getting more physio exercises from different physios constantly. It’s now taking 3 hours a day. Is this normal? Nothings making any difference.

im 58 and feel ‘is this my life from now on?’ A constant viscioia cycle of pain. Each pain is linked with another one.

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HappyScot2022 · 05/07/2022 22:40

I recently had a fall and had horrible bursitis in my hip and constant sciatica that woke me up during the night. Walking was just agony. I gave up on physio as she actually made it worse. A friend saw how bad I was walking and recommended a chiropractor and I have to say it’s the only thing that’s helped. Chiropractor also arranged an mri for me to get to the bottom of what was causing the nerve pain. I also take diclofenac 3 times a day for the inflammation which made a huge difference. When the pain was at its worse I took cocodomol too. I was so worried the pain was going to be permanent but I’ve seen huge improvement.

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