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Chronic pain

Steroid injection and partial knee replacement surgery

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Hallelujah2020 · 02/07/2022 20:31

I’m six weeks post steroid injection for severe osteoarthritis (bone on bone) and pain is increasing again. I’ve got to have surgery, no getting away from that but I’m a bit worried of having another injection if it then means I have to wait so many months before I can have surgery

My plan was to do one more steroid injection and then operation as want to get myself as fit as possible but was obviously hoping the steroid would last longer

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Remainiac · 02/07/2022 20:42

I’m in the same situation- bone on bone, chronic tendinitis. I have regular steroid injections as I want to delay surgery for as long as possible. Sometimes the effect lasts ages, sometimes only a few months. Have another jab and see what happens is my advice. Also, lose weight (even if you don’t seem to need to) and strengthen your quads as much as you can.


Hallelujah2020 · 02/07/2022 21:59

Don’t want surgery just yet as do need to lose some weight and want to get my legs as strong as possible

Also not a great time to take time off work at the minute

Currently it’s only an increase in pain I have. My knee is still much less stiff but I’ll try and book in for another steroid injection asap

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elliss1 · 06/07/2022 23:05

Ive had a total knee replacement, aged 40. Steriod injections only gave me a couple of weeks of less pain, so only option was to totally replace. How long are your injections working for you.? . As they say they should last for 3 months.


Hallelujah2020 · 07/07/2022 07:09

Update is spoke to consultant secretary on Monday. She spoke to consultant who said although I could have another one because it had only lasted six weeks no real point

So having operation end of September now

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elliss1 · 07/07/2022 10:39

Thats great news, having my knee replaced improved my life 100%. Hopefully it will you too!. Keep exercising and strengthening the muscles around your knee before the operation and itll be a breeze. Constantly keep yourself busy so the pain is at the back of your mind. And especially keep active... Walk walk walk keep your joint strong!


Hallelujah2020 · 07/07/2022 13:19

Going to gym 2/3 times a week to use treadmill, static bike and cross trainer plus I’m active at work and losing weight. Want to be as strong as possible pre op

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