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Chronic pain


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Angelicamoth · 30/06/2022 13:03

Does anyone get really sick taking tramadol? It works for my chronic shoulder pain but I have this sickness problem with it. I am new to Mumsnet and can’t get feedback on my query about Dentists abroad. Found posts which I can’t open and I can’t post myself. Any help on either of the above? Thanks

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Angelicamoth · 30/06/2022 13:08

I would be grateful for recommendations on dentists in be a turkey. I need upper and lower full arches of new teeth on implants. Here I’m quoted £15-20 grand for each jaw so I need to go abroad. There’s a company called Dentaprime in London who charge over 50% less but there’s a long waiting list. I look forward to any help thanks. Front teeth snapped off my denture twice in a week … so getting desperate!!

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