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Chronic pain

Called back for MRI

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Beansontoast976 · 28/06/2022 07:59

Hi , since having kids 9 years ago I have always suffered on and off back pain , recently it's got a bit worse back pain numbness in back occasionally restless legs if I'm out for a full day. Had my mri recently the receptionist says that I needed to speak to a doctor to get results and they would book me in for an appointment. Does this mean they have found some damage ? Thanks for reading

OP posts:
clipclop5 · 29/06/2022 03:34

I really wouldn’t worry too much - we all have ‘damage’ in our backs through wear and tear, although it may cause pain the vast majority of the time with spines hurt doesn’t equal harm

Akire · 29/06/2022 21:36

Often it’s to discuss next step or to tell the “good news” that scan was fine! Can take long time work out why things hurt

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