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Chronic pain

Working and chronic back pain

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Genehuntsfanclub · 22/06/2022 11:05

Hi, I'm hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice. I have Hypermobility and degenerative disc disease in my lumbar spine. After being a sahm for a few years (partly due to my own health and one of my children having multiple health issues) I have been trying to find a new job. I had a temporary admin job but the sitting at a desk caused my dodgy disc to herniate. I was able to wfh but the job has now ended. I have just tried to do care work but had to stop after one week as I am now experiencing a big flare up in my back and other joints. Can any of you suggest a job I can do for about 4 hours per day with a mixture of sitting and moving around? I can only drive short distances due to the above. Thank you.

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misskatamari · 22/06/2022 11:13

Sorry I can't help with your specific question, but I wanted to recommend the curable app for chronic pain. It's helped me immensely! They have a podcast (like mind like body) if you wanted a listen to their ideas first. I wish you all the best, chronic pain sucks


Genehuntsfanclub · 22/06/2022 11:21

Thank you, it sure does. Just when you think you might be "better" it sets off again. I have been prescribed multiple different pain meds but suffer horribly with side effects to everything. Even Voltarol gel causes terrible nausea. I just want to find a job I can do that won't aggravate things.

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misskatamari · 24/06/2022 11:01

I'm sorry you're suffering and I hope you find some relief soon. I'd definitely recommend looking into curable, or Alan Gordon's book "the way out" which is based on the neuroscience of pain and his methods had great success in the recent Boulder back pain study. My chronic back pain is pretty much gone since using these techniques and it was a problem for years (still working on other issues, as I have chronic pain that pops up all over), but it's a massive relief to know I'm not broken and I am healing. I really wish you all the best ❤️


Genehuntsfanclub · 24/06/2022 14:56

Thank you for your kind wishes misskatamari, I do have periods where I feel like it's all gone for good then wham! a flare-up happens. I'm experiencing the strange sensations down my legs and top of my feet again so a bit worried the disc (L4-L5) is pressing on a nerve again. The ddd seemed to start after a bad fall on wet slate 5 years ago plus I have a history of other back injuries and severe SPD in pregnancy. I would love it if I could just find a part time job I could manage without aggravating things. I'll have a look for the book you recommend but thank you for posting.

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