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Chronic pain

Has anyone with hypermobility cured ab seperation?

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Shelovespawpatrol · 02/06/2022 16:23

I'm three years post partum and after seeing two different physios, the problem still hasn't resolved itself. Possibly gotten worse. I can't even lift a pillow without it feeling like a strain and all my other muscles have become enormous to try and compensate for my non existent core muscles.
The physios both just give me gentle exercises, none of which work. The first physio told me after two sessions there was nothing me he could do for me and I should go to personal training. (Which I can't afford) and the other physio gives me exercises and when I say they don't work or just cause pain she tells me to just do breathing and sucking my tummy in.
I can hardly even stand up from sitting, without wobbling everywhere and it's getting so delibitating now. Especially where none of my friends or family believe there is anything wrong with me when I complain about struggling to walk to the shop.
Has anyone with hypermobility managed to fix this?

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DelilahBucket · 02/06/2022 16:30

You do need to do the gentle exercises the physio gave you, and it takes months and months to see any improvement so you do have to persevere. Your muscles are the weakest they've ever been and they need strength building up again, slowly. Not just abs but all of your support muscles around your centre.
From the sounds of it you've seen NHS physios and my experience with them has also been woeful. Going private was a game changer for me, so if you can get some money together, even just for one appointment, it will help you so much. Do not go see a personal trainer, that is the worst advice I've ever heard for someone with hypermobility! A physio led Pilates class would also help you, but again you won't get that funded on the NHS.


Shelovespawpatrol · 02/06/2022 16:36

The first physio was private but NHS paid and he was the one who said go to a personal trainer. The second one was the NHS one and still seeing her now for all of two minutes per appointment.
@DelilahBucket did you have same issue and did you fix it? If so, could you give me some pointers. The irony is I walked better and easier at 42 weeks pregnant than I do now.

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Shelovespawpatrol · 02/06/2022 16:39

There is a physio near me who I saw years ago for something else. I will ask doctor to refer me there and if they can't I will pay for one session.

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Anoooshka · 02/06/2022 16:42

Maybe you need surgery to fix it, if the problem's severe. Could you pay for a private consultation to see if surgery is necessary?


DelilahBucket · 02/06/2022 17:36

The NHS appointments are far shorter (you're looking at an initial appointment of twenty minutes versus one hour) than private, so unless you are paying you just won't get the same quality of service.
It is pointless me giving you any physical advice, you need properly assessing. Anything anyone tells you on the internet could potentially make things far worse for you. I haven't had separated abs but I do have hypermobility and I know it can be managed, but NHS isn't the place to do it unfortunately.


doadeer · 16/06/2022 21:25

It can take a long time to fix. I didn't have this but I'm hypermobile and find it hard to build muscle and stability. I would keep trying to persevere with exercises

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