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Chronic pain

Back issues

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Mol1628 · 24/05/2022 19:25

In lockdown 2020 I hurt my back doing a YouTube workout.

It’s not been right since. Started as a dull soreness in my back when I over did it, long walks or something. Now it’s very easily aggravated. It’s like an irritating niggle in my lower back on my right side, and on bad days I can feel it in my toes :/

Standing for too long, sitting for too long, walks on uneven ground, carrying heavy bags all set it off.

I swim 2/3 times a week and do at least half an hour walk a day so I’m fairly active. The pain doesn’t stop me doing anything it’s just really annoying.

I know I need to go to a physio but waiting time is insane and I can’t afford to go private. And with back issues I don’t really know how much they can really do? I will sort that but just looking for advice in the meantime of anything to help make it better?

I do heat packs, hot baths, staying active even when it hurts and ibuprofen but those just cover up the pain for a bit it doesn’t seem to help it get better. Swimming helps but again only a temporary relief.

Im 34 it’s depressing to think I’m just going to have back issues for the rest of my life.

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MissConductUS · 24/05/2022 19:36

I'm going through something very similar with the lower backache and pain running down my right leg. It turned out to be sciatica

In my case caused by stenosis. I'm probably going to need surgery to correct it. In my case, it took an MRI of my lower back for the doctors to figure out what was causing it.

Do get it looked into. Good luck.


Mol1628 · 24/05/2022 19:38

Thank you for your reply. That’s good they sorted an MRI for you. I suppose I should do the same to avoid further damage, even though it will be a long wait.

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godmum56 · 24/05/2022 19:41

I found a pair of american physios called Bob and Brad on youtube. they are really good and worth looking at their videos and website. their suggestions fixed my pinched neck nerve. DISCLAIMER BE CAREFUL! they both say stuff like if it hurts don't do it, if it isn't helping then stop, if you are in any doubt then see a doctor.


MissConductUS · 24/05/2022 20:28

I had a regular x-ray done first. When that didn't identify the problem the doctor ordered the MRI. I was able to get an appointment for it a week later, but I'm not in the UK.


caringcarer · 01/08/2022 01:38

I had bad back pain in lower back. GP sent me to specialist who ordered scan. Scan showed moderate arthritis. Given meds and told nothing else they could do as spine slowly crumbling. 2 years and I carried on taking meds but now in last 3 months it feels so much worse. I can now only walk about 30-40 metres without sitting for 5 mins then another 30-40 metres then sit then another 30 metres but by this time my back is burning with pain and I have to sit for 30-40 mins before going into reverse mode back to car stopping 2 times to sit. I am wondering if I might be able to get a blue card? I am so bloody sick of becoming a burden to DH. I have to ask him to help in in and out of bath/shower. I can't stand at cooker to cook for more than about 3 mins at a time. I can't peg out washing, can't walk my dog, can't do a supermarket shop, can't vacuum lounge, even making a coffee takes ally effort and energy. I hate having to ask him for assistance. I am going to bite the bullet and ring GP tomorrow to explain how much worse back has got and see if I can have as mother scan to look for deterioration. I have been trying to find ways around it so I pay a chiropodist to come and cut my toe nails every month, pay a cleaner to come once a week to vacuum and clean kitchen, order in Chinese takeaway once a week and get son to collect us KFC another day. Son cooks for us all once as week an DH cooks other days. DS walks my dog for me once a day and DH the evening walk. DH also drives me right outside any appointments then goes and parks and comes back to meet me. I know I would not cope without DH. I just feel such a burden and hate loosing my independence. Has anyone else found any other jobs they can outsource?

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