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Chronic pain

Feeling dismissed by gynaecologist

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Beckyvee99 · 23/05/2022 18:13

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on mumsnet (read threads all the time) but I am in desperate need of some female reassurance and/or advice so I hope this is okay.

I have struggled with severe period pain on and off for the past decade. To provide some context I go through phases where it is so severe and debilitating and phases where it is more manageable. This past 12 months has been pretty unrelenting and I decided I wanted to sort it out and see what was going on. My GP referred me to a gynaecologist, and whilst I was waiting I had an ultrasound which was all normal. Unfortunatly, whilst I was waiting I also suffered from appendicitus and had to have my appendix removed via laproscopy. That was four months ago and I feel very much recovered from that surgery, and my periods have very much returned to their old horrible selves. Today I finally had my appointment with the gynaecologist who straight away blamed all my pain on my appendicitus, completely disregarding the last 10 years of my periodic suffering. When I tried to explain to him that I was still in pain and that actually things were getting worse, he explained to me that I was probably still healing from the surgery. He then told me that because my ultrasound was normal, and because the surgeons didn't see anything in the laproscopy that 'no one would touch me for 12 months at least'. He didn't ask me a single question in the whole appointment, did not examine me and did not ask me about any of my concerns.

I am totally confused and devastated. I've built myself up for this appointment long before my appendicitus and I just feel totally dismissed. I understand the points about the scan being clear and laproscopy being clear, although I also know that they weren't really looking for anything other than my appendix during the surgey? I mean it was emergency surgery after all?

I got upset in the appointment because I had been anxious before hand that I might get a male doctor who was dismissive, and it just felt like my worst scenario had come true. I was not able to advocate for myself and I felt so annoyed at myself afterwards for not disagreeing with him and pushing back. But it was also so clear that he had made up his mind about what was wrong with me before even seeing me!

Now I don't know what to do next. I don't know whether to go back to my GP and ask to see someone else, but I really don't want to go through this whole experience again. At the same time I don't know whether he is right? The ultrasound was clear and there was no notes from the surgeons who took my appendix out that there was anything else there that might be causing my pain. I feel really hopeless about getting help regarding my pain and at the same time I feel very unvalidated like I am being unreasonable about it.

Any advice or similar experiences would make me feel better. Thank you!

OP posts:

DogsAndGin · 23/05/2022 18:24

Absolutely keep pushing with your GP for further investigation. Best of luck to you


AceofPentacles · 23/05/2022 18:32

Go back to your GP and ask for a second opinion?

I also had a terrible experience with an NHS gynaecologist I saw about vaginal pain; he did an excruciating internal exam which made me cry, said he didn't know what it could be, and then suggested I might have an STI. What was actually wrong was I was in peri menopause and had VA. I made a complaint. I hope you manage to see someone more helpful .


ChaiTea20 · 23/05/2022 18:32

I'm so sorry and angry on your behalf that you weren't listened to! Def go back to your GP and push for a second opinion. Have you looked at NICE and RCOG guidelines?


Orangesandlemons77 · 07/02/2023 12:21

Benenden did cover me for pre-existing varicose veins. Might be worth ringing them to clarify the situation.


Orangesandlemons77 · 07/02/2023 12:23

Oh, I wonder if you may be suffering with adhesions from your surgery. I have these and they can be really painful.

But for some wierd reason some docs and surgeons don't discuss them. My GP is pretty good and understands.

Might explain some of your pain. Problem is, they can remove them but they usually come back hence them not wanting to do anything.


Orangesandlemons77 · 07/02/2023 12:23

You could have course have gynae pain and the adhesions pain as well.


Ohthiscantbeit · 09/02/2023 19:17

Firstly sorry that you are going through this. Secondly write a letter to pals and complaints, in your letter succinctly lay out a history of your symptoms and what you have experienced and what you have recently undergone in your last appointment and state that no examination, questions etc were undergone and the consultant was dismissive and you feel that further examinations are required and for you to be seen by a different consultant. Cc your letter to your gp, the chief nurse and medical director and address it to the pals and complaints. Hopefully then it will be seen by all the relevant people to get your issues resolved if not further investigated. All the best, and I hope this is resolved for you.

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