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Chronic pain

In so much pain

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bexxboo · 21/05/2022 10:08

So I moved into a new property 3 weeks ago, it has been extremely stressful as the previous tenant left it in a very bad state. The past 2 weeks I have been waking up with the most intense migraine that pretty much lasts until I go to bed.

I take co codamol for a shoulder injury, it's not broken and I've been seeing the doctor and had physiotherapy, an MRI, now I'm on the list to see a specialist.

I'm not sure if the headaches are coming from the stress of moving or the issues with my shoulder. The pain starts from the left side of my neck, all the way down to the left rib, and down to my elbow.

I'm in pain all day everyday, the headaches are crippling me, as well as the pain in my shoulder and neck. Co codamol doesn't seem to touch it, but I can't take anything stronger as I have a 4 year old daughter and drive (I don't take any pain medication if I know im driving that day)

Im currently out of work studying, due to look for work in September when she's back at school. Im just desperate to get these pain issues sorted before hand.

OP posts:

Trialsandtribulationsoflife · 21/05/2022 13:22

The Co-codamol could be causing the headaches. Im under a neurologist for migraines/cluster headaches and she said Co-codamol needs to be avoided as it can trigger them, and make migraines worse. You can also suffer something called medication overuse headache if you’ve been taking them quite a bit.
Codeine and tablets containing codeine, such as co-codamol, are best avoided altogether. They are more likely than other painkillers to cause medication-overuse headache

I’ve been under physio for a rotator cuff injury for months, it is agony so I sympathise. Being in constant pain is a miserable experience, I hope yours manages to be sorted soon. Flowers


justasking111 · 21/05/2022 13:26

Rotor cuff injury hell. OH fobbed off with physio for months, waited two years for surgery. Which should be done immediately

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