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Chronic pain

Self help books for chronic pain due to arthritis and spinal stenosis

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AlternativelyWired · 18/05/2022 17:49

My lovely mum is really struggling with pain on movement. The GP has just upped her pain patch and added oramorph but understandably she's struggling psychologically adjusting to being disabled and losing her independence. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a self help book to help her focus on the positives of what she can do and getting herself into a better frame of mind. I know it's not simple or easy but she really needs that psychological boost. She lives alone and I'm her carer but with a young family and chronic health issues myself as well as a job I can't be there as much as I'd like. She's in her 80s and not technologically adept so books and/or CDs are best for her. Once her pain is more controlled she's hoping to go to Pilates as that's been recommended by the spinal consultant. She's stuck in all day every day bored and fed up so any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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