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Chronic pain

Sciatica or something else

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Lantanabanana · 16/05/2022 21:06

Hello everyone. I’m new here so I’ll give a quick back story.

ive 2 children both girls. After my second daughter I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. 2 years later I started a new job in a local pub, that’s when the sciatica started (oct/nov) it was manageable then it got so bad I couldn’t walk or even hang the washing out. I would cling to anything around me to help me move. I went to a&e as I developed a dent in my thigh which threw me into a huge panic. (Hypochondriac)
thinking all kinds. 2 doctors reassured me it was nothing but they got me an app for an MRI to check my spine. I’m slowly getting better. I’m able to go on bike rides and walk more then I have been able to in months. But my anxiety is crippling me- I keep thinking this is some awful cancer or a tumor that’s pressing in the nerve. I’ve told my doc of my worries and she’s reassured me none of my symptoms are red flags. But I can’t shake this feeling. The pain seems to move also- so it can be in my bum really bad but now it’s in my hip/ outer thigh and down my leg. On a morning it’s not to bad until I’m up and about walking I can feel it coming on but it never really goes away. Can anyone give me any kind of reassurance or even their own story on sciatica and recovery. I’m sorry for the extra long post I just need someone to talk

OP posts:

Handyweatherstation · 18/05/2022 18:46

Hello, so sorry to hear what you're going through, it sounds awful.

I'm, hopefully, recovering from a nasty bout of sciatica and it does sound similar to what you've been experiencing. The pain does move - sometimes bum, sometimes leg, sometimes both - and it's like jabbing electric shocks and stabbing pains and it hurts so much. Sometimes my left leg feels weak, which is apparently to be expected. I've been waking in the night in agony and not getting much sleep at all.

Yesterday I saw a physiotherapist and she went through lots of tests to see what was going on. It turns out to be piriformis syndrome which is treatable through exercises to loosen the muscles and release the compression on the nerves. I'm already finding the exercises helpful, but the physio said I'd hurt for a while yet as the compressed nerve needs to recover. If you're able to see a physiotherapist, I'd recommend that as they're so helpful.

For me, I think it was a combination of stiffness and bracing my back at work, so I need to work on loosening up the hip and lower back area as well as increasing my back and core strength.


JaneJeffer · 18/05/2022 18:48

Have you seen a physio?


Lantanabanana · 19/05/2022 13:41

I've heard of what you have it's suppose to be very painful. I'm glad your getting the help. I spoke with my doc yesterday who said I did have a slipped disc but we're waiting for the MRI results coming back

I'm seeing physio on Monday so hopefully they can lead me down the right path cos I think I've been doing the stretches all wrong and making it worse. Thank you for the reply :)

OP posts:

Lacedwithgrace · 19/05/2022 13:57

Bike rides aren't a good idea! A slipped disc is likely causing the nerve pain, but it could be sacroilitis. They'll be able to see that (inflammation in SI joint) in the MRI. Don't over do it with exercise, don't sit down for too long. Gentle walks, light stretching and no impact movements e.g. jogging, jumping


Handyweatherstation · 19/05/2022 14:01

@Lantanabanana, good that you've spoken to your doctor and are seeing a physio next week, I hope you get the help you need.

I probably waited too long to get checked out, mainly because I was scared of doing the exercises in case the problem was spinal and I might make it worse. The physio told me that waiting meant that the nerve was compressed for longer so will now take that much longer to recover. It feels like there's a way to go yet, but I'll keep doing the exercises, take things carefully and hope all goes well.

it's suppose to be very painful
Astonishingly painful, a combination of electric shocks, cramp-like sensations and being hit repeatedly with a brick. All the time.


standoctor · 19/05/2022 14:03

So you are asking for medical reassurance on a mums forum?


Lantanabanana · 19/05/2022 14:03

Completely understand that. The pain has been horrendous. What I would say is if you can get hold of any tight balm. USE IT! it's worked wonders for me. And also a good old bag of peas on your lower back

OP posts:

Handyweatherstation · 19/05/2022 14:04

Tiger balm? Yes, wonderful stuff! Been getting through a lot of it.


JaneJeffer · 19/05/2022 14:41

standoctor · 19/05/2022 14:03

So you are asking for medical reassurance on a mums forum?

That's kind of what it's here for Confused
OP said she has physio appointment booked.

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