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Chronic pain

At a loss with back pain

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Sunflower1992 · 04/05/2022 09:29

Hi everyone

well to start from the beginning I have had lower back pain for a while. However in January it seemed to intensify, I went to my Gp and explained all of this several times and was referred to physiotherapy (which keeps being cancelled), I could not take stronger pain killers due to breastfeeding. I requested an MRI scan due to severe pain, being unable to walk, my husband having to help me out of bed/ out of the bath etc. I was told I don’t qualify for one and to basically see how I go as it may be muscular…. I then ended up paying for a private MRI scan, which shows a large protrusion at L4/L5, severe narrowing and degenerative changes and it was recommended I see a neurosurgeon, which I have now who’s basically said I need surgery. I won’t bore you all with the in betweens but now I am left in severe pain, literally in tears most days, trying to wean my baby onto formula so strong painkillers aren’t currently an option just yet and due back into work in 5 weeks from maternity leave.
to add to this I am now leaking urine, I have the sensation it is “leaking” but only a very minimal amount. I am aware of incontinence being a symptom of cauda equina but as it’s such a small amount, I’m worried about sitting all day in severe pain to be sent on my way or waste anyone’s time

I guess I’m just looking for any advice or help in what may help! Or just to rant to make me feel a little better… sorry for the long read

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doadeer · 16/06/2022 21:26

How are you doing OP?💐

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