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Chronic pain

Enlarged lymph node abdomen please help

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Suehuang99 · 02/05/2022 12:08

Have been having stomach pain high up under ribs and left hand side - had normal endoscopy so went for ultrasound 

they found an enlarged lymph node where the pain is & now referred for a ct scan - has anyone had this & it not been sometjing super sinister / is there a way to treat? Have had the pain for 2-3 years , previously went away for a month with antibiotics but now back - it’s so so painful 

any experience appreciated thanks !!

OP posts:

Lovebaseball · 18/08/2022 11:04

Hi - did you get to the bottom of this - i am experiencing something similar with lymph nodes but in my leg so wondered how you got on - hope all ok x

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