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Chronic pain

So lonely being stuck in with pain

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DragonOverTheMoon · 25/04/2022 12:18

Hiya, I've been suffering with sciatica since before Christmas, it came on a few weeks after I split up with ex h. I'm waiting for surgery to unpinch my nerve. It's terrible. I am so fed up and miserable. I can't do things that would normally make me happy - like exercise, see friends often or even work. Occupational health have signed me off till I respond to treatment.

I feel so fed up and low. I am so lonely. I see my friends a few times a week but I'm basically stuck in my house all day every day. Going out can sometimes make me feel even more lonelier.

I'm worried about work, I'm worried about never being happy again and basically writing this year off. I'm worried about getting fat and being unfit as I can't exercise, am on orders to rest. My life has got so very small and going through a divorce at the same time is making me very sad.

I'm very sad. How the hell do I make myself happy whilst not being able to do things that make me happy - ie work, day trips with my dc, drive places, exercise, see people. I feel like I could end up losing everything.

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Gonewalking · 30/04/2022 18:33

I have sciatica as well. The pain is unbearable at times. I'm also stuck in alone all day so I know exactly where you're coming from.

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