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Chronic pain


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Orangesandlemons77 · 20/04/2022 14:48

Hi just wondered if anyone else is taking co-codomol on repeat prescription daily.

This is me, for adhesions post surgery..but worried about getting addicted. It does help with the pain though. I'm not craving more of it which I guess would be a sign of addiction though.

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Ohmych · 20/04/2022 14:50

I've taken it daily for almost a year for back pain. I do worry about becoming addicted but it's the only way I can work and look after my children.


EliyanahM · 20/04/2022 14:51

I think you're more at risk of addiction from codeine but I would ask your GP as there may be something your GP reccomends


MayorDusty · 20/04/2022 15:03

Addiction and dependence can really creep up with cocodamol, it's always better to manage without if you can (don't mean be in pain, if you need them you need them) but you can also develop tolerance too so need more for the same results.
The combination of paracetamol can bump you up to damaging levels so it's always best to treat them seriously and with caution.


Orangesandlemons77 · 20/04/2022 15:16

OK I currently take 2 of the higher strength 30/ ones twice a day does that sound a lot? Anymore causes constipation so I avoid that. Once at lunchtime and once in the evening.

OP posts:

a1poshpaws · 20/04/2022 15:53

If you're worried about addiction, ask your GP if perhaps Nefopam would be as effective for your pain. It works in a totally different way to other pain killing drugs and is not addictive. It also has a bit of a constipating effect, but certainly not more so than co-codomol.  


Kinneddar · 20/04/2022 15:59

2 a day isn't a lot. The max allowed is 8 so you're well within the limits. If you were having the full dosage daily (or almost the full dosage) that could be a problem or if you were taking it for the effects but it doesn't sound like you've got a problem

I take 2 or 4 a day


MayorDusty · 20/04/2022 16:05

No that isn't a lot.
It might be an idea to ask GP (if you get the chance) to give a set of 15/500 for when you need a bit less. It's handy to have a step down option.
It doesn't sound like you are anywhere near a problem but it's good to be aware and conscious of the risks.
Having separate codeine and paracetamol might be an idea too so you have the option of taking together or not.
Doctors are far more alert to the risks today and don't leave you languishing with a bigger dose than you need but sometimes need a prompt.
Try and make it a thing to offset every one with a glass of fruit juice for the constipation, that can be brutal!


elidelochanthefirstt · 20/04/2022 16:52

I've taken it on/off for the past 2 years. I have had two adverse reactions coming off it, remember shivering in the playground with my son on a hot day but only lasted a few days. CBD oil is good to take when coming off it actually. But it also depends how many you take, if I do 2-3 a day regularly I don't get a reaction coming off, only when I'm on 6 a day and I wean off slowly.


UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter · 20/04/2022 16:58

I’ve been taking this for quite some time and usually get by on 2 x 30/500 twice a day. Morning and then around 6/7pm.

if I am in a lot of pain I will take 2 more but can usually keep it to that.

I haven’t been able to do much exercise just lately and notice that that has an effect on my pain levels. I need to have some discipline and start yoga/physio/stretches on a daily basis as if really does have an effect.

I don’t think I’m addicted as if I don’t take them I don’t have withdrawal type symptoms I just hurt. I started taking them after having broken ribs and then this leading to upper back pain. MRI and other scans show I have mild scoliosis which causes arthritis type pain.
I broke my ribs 15years ago and have been on. Cocodamol for about ten years. Prior to that I was taking codeine and diazepam.
quite frankly without it I can’t sit down all day at work and so wouldn’t be able to work.


Orangesandlemons77 · 20/04/2022 19:34

I also find exercise helps. in my case swimming stretching also.

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