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Chronic pain


6 replies

Wallywobbles · 08/04/2022 16:59

Has anyone found a way to heal or deal with Coccydynia? Basically it's pain in the coccyx for those that might not know.

Mine is getting worse to the point where soon I'm not going to be able to drive.


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dkedm15 · 08/04/2022 17:10

Not got any advice but I'm going through this too! I was due to have a GP appointment (I've lost a lot of weight and it's like my coccyx is sticking out at an angle - you can actually feel it 🤢😩) but then my dad was hospitalised with covid and DH & I are now expecting our first baby so it's fell to the wayside getting it checked. I've found the donut shaped cushions don't really help and constantly need to adjust how I'm sat, so interested to see how this thread pans out. Really sorry you've got it too - it's awful. Hope you're okay xx


Wallywobbles · 08/04/2022 22:01

This was really helpful and was like yup, that's me.

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Wallywobbles · 08/04/2022 22:03

And this Reddit thread. Although slightly depressing as it seems there's no magic solution.

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RandomMess · 08/04/2022 22:06

Have you seen an osteopath? More than anything to rule out other mechanical issues that are causing/aggravating it?

I fractured mine, geez the pain Thanks


Wallywobbles · 08/04/2022 23:16

My plan is to see the Dr next week for referrals for any scans or what have you. Then probably an osteopath.

But first I want to go in informed. I have enough issues round the back end with IBS and a grade 4 rectocele.

My understanding is that an osteopath would have to be one that's ok with a rectal manipulation. Sound like no fun for anyone.

OP posts:

dkedm15 · 09/04/2022 05:48

@Wallywobbles thanks for the links - definitely me too, it's like a growing intense pain when you're sat until you can't take that position anymore and have to adjust but then the pain when you actually move and the pressure shifts is horrendous.

Really sorry to hear you have other medical issues going on too, must be really tough. Hope you get referred to someone lovely (with not bad wait times!) who can help 🤞🏻. I think mine is more to do with the angle of the bone; whilst the weight loss has been great I think the extra padding had definitely helped!, so I suspect I would need a scan at some point so it's going to have to be an 'after baby arrives' job 😖 x

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