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Chronic pain

Back/neck pain.. where to get help

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duckling3 · 18/03/2022 20:01

I have continuous neck/back pain since having my baby 18 months ago. It's getting fairly intense now and impacting my daily life.

I think it's caused by a combination of, lack of abs post c section, huge growth in my chest, carrier a growing toddler a lot and just generally not taking care of my posture.

I'm planning a breast reduction in the future which I think can only help; but in the meantime I think I can probably minimise my pain alot by working out and gaining core/back strength.

I want to seek professional help but not sure who would be the right professional to ask.. physio or personal trainer...

Anyone had similar? Or just general advise on who would be best to help me.

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BendingSpoons · 18/03/2022 20:06

I would recommend Pilates. I have a fantastic teacher who specialises in post natal Pilates. Improving my core strength has helped back pain. Especially post c-section you want to make sure someone advises you personally not just a generic class.

A physio might be good too to recommend a programme. If you go for a personal trainer, again make sure they have experience post c-section, as if you have a separation, certain exercises make it worse.


Thighdentitycrisis · 18/03/2022 20:13


duckling3 · 18/03/2022 20:29

That video looks great, thanks.

Pilates is a good idea. I hadn't really considered that but might look and see if there are any good instructors near me

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Liyacrystopher · 01/05/2022 07:49

First, you get a diagnosis of what is causing your neck and back to feel pain. You can't prescribe a treatment without a proper diagnosis. There are numerous reasons for neck and back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple, weak abdominal muscles, tight hamstrings, etc. So You need to determine the cause. This requires a trained professional's thorough evaluation of the back, such as a physical therapist or medical practitioner. Most back pain may be relieved with the right therapy and fixing the underlying cause, but a correct diagnosis is crucial to the process. I would recommend consulting an expert physiotherapist to permanently get rid of the pain.

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