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Chronic pain

Pelvic & lower back pain

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newmuminlockdown · 03/03/2022 11:38


I've been having lower back pain for around 4 weeks and also pelvic pain it's quite dull and travels from my hips along the top of my pubic bone and also down my bum cheeks...
it's worse when lying down

back story
I am quite active, I'm always out walking and have a 2 year old to run about after I am over weight though
i also have chills and hot flashes and I've had these since my daughter was born 2 years ago they came on a few days after she was born and have never went away, there worse on my periods and the pain is worse on my periods but I do have it even when I'm not in my periods just not as severe
i have PCOS, I've also had blood tests done by the dr's for the chills and hot flushes and they where clear
Any idea what this could be? Called the dr today and the first appointment they could give was the 21st
I'm 22

OP posts:

Akire · 04/03/2022 14:05

Bumping for you


thesootherfairy · 13/03/2022 08:55

Axial spondyloarthritis. Mine started after my DC were born with hip lower back and pain in my bum cheeks.

No inflammation makers show up in my blood ever. It was diagnosed by a rheumatologist after an mri.

The tell tale signs are pain which improves on movement and hip and bum cheek pain.


Summerreign · 03/10/2022 22:50

Hi Op, did you get any diagnosis or explanation? I’m struggling with exactly the same symptoms and also have Pcos.


XCBXx · 22/10/2022 23:17

Hi, did you get a diagnosis at all? This is very similar to pain I’ve been suffering with since February, and still no known cause x

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