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Chronic pain

Sleeping tablets

3 replies

user1497873278 · 21/02/2022 17:51

Are there any of you on sleeping tablets, if so what ones, I can’t sleep without them, pain is impossible at night plus worsening tinnitus. It’s hard work with the doctors every few weeks just exhausted having to fight for them, I try to do a night with then one without, so don’t sleep at all when I don’t have them. Have tried everything over the counter but don’t work for me.

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Usernameisgone · 21/02/2022 17:54

Amitriptyline is what I take, it helps alot


user1497873278 · 21/02/2022 18:41

Thank you, I can’t take that one

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user1497873278 · 21/02/2022 18:47

Do you have trouble getting it prescribed I’m on zopiclone, I don’t know if they are all that different

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