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Chronic pain

Plantar fasciitis

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Relaxing2 · 14/02/2022 15:43

I've had this now for over 2 years I've tried alsorts even physio and nothing next step is steroid injections is there anything eles before going down this root?

OP posts:
RainbowZebraWarrior · 14/02/2022 17:51

What shows do you wear? I had no luck with physio either and had a range of treatments (infra red one waste of time) steroids often don't work anyway. I also had it for 2 years. I did my calf stretches religiously. Also bought a cricket ball (baked bean tin doesn't work if you've been told that) Need ball shape to get deep into the plantar fascia area. It's very tough anyway so needs plenty pressure so help release it. Never go barefoot. Not even at home. Supportive shoes. Nothing totally flat so no ballet pumps etc. Mine went eventually and I treated a few people with it myself too as I used to be a sports Therapist until recently. Oh and do the st stretches and ball rolling when warm. So preferably after a bath.

Sympathies. It's bloody awful. I was walking like I had rickets. I still have a weird gait 10 years later.

Namechangehereandnow · 14/02/2022 17:54

Try orthotic insoles prescribed (privately) after a biomechanics podiatry assessment.

willweevergetthere · 14/02/2022 18:04

The right insoles.
Never go barefoot or in shoes without any shape to the inside.

I brought some gel insoles at an expedition once. The expedition was for something else and there was one of those pop up stalls that I'd normally avoid but my foot was killing me and the relief was immediate when I tried them.

I used to move them from shoe to shoe, even my slippers.

MafaldaHopkirk · 14/02/2022 18:07

Try a Stassburg sticking in bed. I found it really helped with the excruciating morning pain. You need a couple of nights to see where to adjust it. I couldn't cope with my foot being at 90 degrees.
Also, shoes with a slight heel helped during the day, plus foot and calf stretches and massages.

Pinotpleasure · 14/02/2022 18:10

What worked for me was shockwave therapy (which was totally painless). I went for a couple of 20 minute sessions in a clinic.

However I was living in Switzerland at the time do the doctor also prescribed 6 physiotherapy sessions…and custom made orthotic inserts (which my insurance didn’t cover and it cost 600CH Francs!). Then because I have small size 4 feet - but wide and I have bunions - I only found one pair of trainers that I could use the inserts with, so I hardly used them.

The shockwave therapy was definitely the best though. I‘ve even seen machines you can buy from Amazon for approximately £40 if you can’t get a referral from your doctor.

Good luck!

Stillfunny · 14/02/2022 18:11

I had this recently . I did the exercise but what made the difference was acupuncture. Almost immediately results , less than 2 days.

MinnieJackson · 14/02/2022 18:16

Agree with the insoles, my 9 year old has this and was struggling to walk he was in so much pain. We bought him sketchers as we thought they'd be the most comfortable, but the podiatrist showed us how flexible and bendy they are which doesn't help, so he has hard bottomed shoes now with prescribed insoles.

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