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Chronic pain

Better exercise bike seat for back problems?

5 replies

SingToTheSky · 12/02/2022 10:21

DH has a lot of back issues now as well as osteoporosis, he can no longer run and the exercise bike would be a good option. But the normal bike seat puts too much pressure on the coccyx.

Does anyone have any ideas as to where we could get a better seat? Preferably one that could replace the current one, but if we had to buy an entire new exercise bike we would.


OP posts:

Akire · 12/02/2022 18:06

Bumping for you


MadrigalCorp · 12/02/2022 18:17

Have you considered adjusting the seat rather than getting a new one (which might not be right either?). Tilting it up or down or moving it forward or back a couple of inches can make a very big difference.


Worrysaboutalot · 24/02/2022 22:44

If you are still around to read this post. Consider getting a recumbent exercise bike, the different seating position might help his back.


AllLopsided · 02/03/2022 23:25

I'm a bit late too,but agree a recumbent bike would be best. Unfortunately they take up a more room than the conventional ones! I have back problems and could use one ok (at physio) until I hurt my hip/hamstring area as well. I have a cushion similar to a coccyx cushion - he might be able to use that with a recumbent bike too.

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