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Chronic pain

Any Bursitis Sufferers Here?

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ILoveYouMoreTheEnd · 11/02/2022 20:48

Hey all I'm a first time poster here in chronic pain. I'm an OA sufferer, I was diagnosed with Fibro and ME in 2016 and had my left hip replace in December 2014. For the last 3 years I've developed chronic pain in my left hip again, x rays show nothing and because of lockdown I've basically suffered and been put on Tramadol along with my naproxen and Co codamol. I'm on 90mg of Duloxetine for Fibro.
I've developed what the GP thinks sounds like bursitis in my left leg, the pain is similar to before my hip was replaced and I can't sleep much or without pillows between my legs. My calf into my foot is pulsating and the worst, I feel sick with it. After work and any short walk such as supermarket shop I can hardly weight bear on my left hip, I can't use the left leg to go up a kerb or stairs I need to go up one shuffle at a time lol. Getting out the car is not an easy feat either. Clutch is difficult to use driving any sort of distance such as longer than a mile with junctions and roundabouts.
Anyone had similar? Does this sound like bursitis?
I'd happily saw my leg off at night to get a sleep 😴 xx

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Akire · 13/02/2022 09:06

Bumping for you


Maggiesgirl · 13/02/2022 09:19

Yep. Both hips were like this, with the right being worse, my calf felt as if it had permanent cramp.

I had a cortisone injection tonight into the right two months ago. At first it didn't seem to make any difference, but gradually it has eased the hip and now I can move it better. The left hip is being done on Thursday.

I also have Fibro and Lupus, my Dr saud bursitis seems to be quite common with Fibro.


ILoveYouMoreTheEnd · 14/02/2022 21:29

Aww thank you for bumping and the reply. I'm hoping the consultant will be able to help when I go on the 21st this month. I didn't know bursitis was common with Fibro I'm going to Google it. Bloody body is in shreds lol 😆

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