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Chronic pain

Severe Pain still

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Presario05 · 08/02/2022 20:11

I am after advise. I was born with hip dysplasia on both hips to where had severe OA. This got worse and in Dec 19 has first op on one hip and then Feb 21 op on other hip. Maybe I was stupid but thought having ops would stop the pain but hasn't and have since had further issues.
First op went smoothly, no issues. 2nd op went smoothly but when started to try to get mobile noticed pain and stiffness and though fair enough needs time to bed in, but as months passed and having pelvis pain which was never present before or after first op i knew something not right.My first op hip now at time freezes and doesn't want to move and and feels like lifting a iron bar when trying to move it and have to keep legs together and totally stiff when moving it, which I have never encountered before. I cannot stand for long as back creases me now. Noticed this more trying to wash up which I cannot do now and bending hurts now but its not at hip area but back area and I get sharp pain running down my thigh.
I've been on to consultant anthrapalys person and she just kept saying could ne a nerve and it should better with time and wait to see consultant in Feb (anytime now) . I thought having this op would change my life but causer more problems. I've only recorded this with my consultant up to press as majority last year working from home and could stay in bed on bad days and was still using up meds to which nearly out of as having to take more now as back at work.
I need to contact My gp as need more meds as run out but do I write so its all logged down /email or just ask for telephone consultation. I found GPS been too busy to see people since covid and feel very alone as wasn't expecting this outcome. Anyone relate? Sorry long post

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Akire · 08/02/2022 22:10

Hi that must felt really disappointing for you. Did you get proper physio after? Sadly when it comes chronic condition you do have make a nuisance of yourself and keep on at them. It is annoying when have chase each med repeat when oh we don’t like giving them on repeat. You can feel like they don’t get how it is at all.

Feb appointment is something though but I know doesn’t help the day to day pain and frustration right now.


Presario05 · 09/02/2022 19:00

No, the physio I went too was a young lass (I appreciate she would have been trained) but felt she didn't understand the nature of what I needed,especially when I'd never walked properly ever and now my body straightened and it was like she didn't understand what I needed. Very laid back

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