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Chronic pain

Passive aggressive advice

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BackAwayFatty · 04/02/2022 13:10

How do you deal with people offering unwelcome 'advice'

Initial conversation was about a migraine I had.

I live with fibromyalgia & had shared with my manager that I was having a rough couple of months with exhaustion & awaiting results for B12 & folate deficiency.

Somehow turned to manager suggesting I go for a walk ... Avoiding being lazy was mentioned a couple of times & a 'short' 10 min walk round the block (can't walk more than 50m most days).

I did explain I can't walk far & will try some yoga on my days off, when I'm feeling better. Left feeling misunderstood & frustrated.

Trying my best to remain in employment but it's hard when the pain & exhaustion flares up with no rhyme or reason.

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Akire · 04/02/2022 14:43

Sorry it was such a bad response from your boss “avoid being lazy” my goodness! Luckily she’s never had understood chronic illness and exhaustion. I think good response is I’m following the advice of my GP/nurse who ever they understand my condition best. If someone convinced yoga or magnesium will cure you there really isn’t much you can convince them other wise.


BackAwayFatty · 04/02/2022 18:24

Thank you & so true!

I want to address it without being seen as hostile & I think that's the perfect response.

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