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Chronic pain

Keyboard and mouse with Carpel Tunnel.

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User1011 · 03/02/2022 23:40

Hi, I am starting a new job which will involve using a computer most of the day.
My Carpel Tunnel can be quite bad from the keyboard / mouse.
Is there anything you can recommend to help with this?

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Akire · 04/02/2022 14:46

Can you ask for an OT assessment? Even if it’s a small company they should make
Provision for you to get the correct advice and equipment. Better for the both of you in the long run. Have you disclosed the condition in the process? Long term
Condition that affects your day to day tasks is a disability and it’s their job to make reasonable adjustments for you. If that spending few quid on right mouse or support they should be doing.


StiggyZardust · 04/02/2022 15:08

You need to have an Occupational Health assessment. This should include a DSE assessment. They should check you are using the correct mouse and keyboard, check your screen is at the correct height. They should also look at your chair, your desk and how long you are looking at the screen without a break.
There's lots of equipment on the market, so they should find something that reduces the pain in your wrist. Lots of equipment is offered on a trial basis so you can find which are best for you.


wolfwalk · 04/02/2022 23:15

A vertical mouse has helped a lot with my carpal tunnel - left-handed as pain is worse on the right. It takes a little getting used to but worth it. I still haven't found the right keyboard. OH assessment definitely worthwhile for angles, wrist support etc.


Crispynoodle · 04/02/2022 23:22

So I have RA as well as carpel tunnel and therefore have a hand OT (who knew?). Wearing a splint overnight helps loads. Also an ergonomic keyboard, vertical mouse, ice packs, regular breaks and these pens:

Schneider Slider Memo XB 150201 Ballpoint Pen Black Pack of 10


Crispynoodle · 04/02/2022 23:24

Oh I forgot! If you use office 365 turn on the dictate button. Speech to text is so quick!


C8H10N4O2 · 04/02/2022 23:30

Second recommendation for OH assessment, they may have different types of keyboard, risers, mice etc.

Have you ever tried this type of trackball?

Its the most basic type of trackball, not fancy but much the best I've found. Fancier models don't work for me. This can be used with either hand, hands of all sizes, flat palmed or slightly gripped and is the only type I've every found helpful - probably because of the variety of positions/hands it serves.

You may also find things like apps to alert every X minutes to move, stretch, reposition etc helpful if you don't already have this. A multiway adjustable chair to help you sit in the right position can also help with arm/hand issues.


Lillipops · 04/02/2022 23:37

I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and psoriatic arthritis, my work ordered these for me.... yes they look like something from a gynaecologists to put your legs in but honestly they were fab. Mine are stuck in the office I never managed to get them since we have been working from home

Keyboard and mouse with Carpel Tunnel.

User1011 · 06/02/2022 20:35

Hi, thanks for the reply’s.
I haven’t disclosed it, I’d completely forgotten about it until now, as sometimes I don’t get it for a long time. There has been no opportunity to disclose it so far. If I am given an application form when I start then I will of course put it on.

I have an upright mouse, it helps but still get pain and sore hands the next day.
I have bought a penguin mouse that looks look a joystick so I will have to try that out.

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