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Chronic pain

Is my bra causing me all this pain?

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theautumnalmanac · 01/02/2022 07:26

I've been experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain (just on my right side) for about a week now. This coincides with last week when I got measured and bought 2 new bras. The bras themselves feel comfortable, they don't dig in and the cups seem fine.

In your experience, would you say I've bought ill fitting bras or its just a normal transition? (Before this, I was wearing the same bra that I'd bought a year ago online which had become torn and loose fitting).

Not sure whether to go back to the bra shop or to see if it gets better. Ive just felt over the last few days having to lift my toddler so much, the pain has got really bad. I'm a 34H so it can be more difficult to get sizing right for me.

OP posts:

frazzledasarock · 01/02/2022 07:28

Switch back to your old bra see if the pain goes away?

If the new bras don’t dig in and aren’t uncomfortable it doesn’t sound like that is the problem.


LizziesTwin · 01/02/2022 07:36

I’d think it was something else that I’d done, twisted awkwardly lifting the toddler perhaps?


theautumnalmanac · 01/02/2022 07:43

@frazzledasarock Ahh i foolishly got rid of the old one as the cups were tearing from the straps 🙈

OP posts:

theautumnalmanac · 01/02/2022 07:43

@LizziesTwin hope its something like that. Especially with only being one side.

OP posts:

frazzledasarock · 01/02/2022 09:33

go braless for a bit see if the pain goes.

I don't think the bra's are the problem. If pain remains when youre not wearing your bra, go to the GP.


BigSigh2021 · 01/02/2022 09:38

It's extremely unlikely, but shoulder pain can sometimes be the only symptom of lung cancer.

I don't want to scare you as it's much more likely to be something else, but worth bearing in mimd if it doesn't resolve.


ToastofLandon · 01/02/2022 09:42

Could be the bra, could be a pinched nerve. Speak to your GP


5zeds · 01/02/2022 10:28

I had a frozen shoulder for months (very painful). The only thing I could find that caused it was one night sleeping with my arm in an odd position. See a dr and ask what will help resolve it. Joint pain can need heat/cold/rest/activity depending on what it is and getting it wrong is a disaster.

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