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Chronic pain

Doing to much or doing too little

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SingToTheSky · 27/01/2022 10:48

How do you work out the difference?!

Flare up (fibro/CFS/PoTS) most of this month. I’ve left the house maybe six times all month. It’s becoming too easy to stay in - I have a lovely mostly-WFH job now (started in October, wasn’t working before), DH does the nursery run and most errands.

I’m feeling so lethargic and am in pain all the time, and I’m back to having a huge pulse increase just from walking up the stairs or doing simple housework etc.

It’s almost scary how easy it’s become to stay in. I’ve become nervous of going out - not because of covid, or because of social anxiety, but because I’m so fucking tired. I’m scared of how much worse I’ll feel after. A couple of times I’ve been out with friends - just sitting in a park or at a house and only a tiny bit of walking - and it feels like I’ve run miles after.

But during first lockdown after being post viral for ages, I gradually got used to walking further and and actually became fitter than ever. Feels like a lifetime ago now! And I started feeling like staying at least a little active was better.

But this time I don’t think I have the wherewithal to do that and I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do. In some ways I’m in a much better place mentally than I have been in years, but at the same time my lack of ability to go and do things is worrying me.

OP posts:
Akire · 27/01/2022 10:56

Think it’s always tricky, I spent large amount of time Inside and then that initial forcing self to get out can be hard. Not because you need to as these days you if WFH or too Unwell to work you can (and I have) stayed inside for years.

You do need listen your body pain and fatigue wise, nobody feels like going for walk for fun if it hurts like hell Or feels so tierd you are going throw Up. Going out doesn’t have be day out, walk around block for 10min when sun is shinning even if cold can do just as much for spirits than a day out.

I do have force myself anxiety wise as I
Know After about 2 weeks in I do lose the motivation to want to go out but then I’m
Back in swing again. I know it can mean more pain, and going out for
Walk means something else is cancelled that day maybe a shower or cooking a meal but have to mix things up. Better to stop doing things in rotation than stop something together if that makes sense.

Akire · 28/01/2022 11:13

Bumping for you

BackAwayFatty · 31/01/2022 22:51

I could have written your exact post. Fellow fibro here.!

I find I manage to dot about the house but today I went a very short walk & now suffering from it. It's like I've walked 20k steps & it was literally round the corner.

My plan is to build up my walking so I can at least walk round the block again.

I'm scared if I do less, it'll get worse.

Definitely going out less too with working from home now but I think for me, that's more manageable longer term than travelling to work.

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