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Chronic pain

Feel fobbed off by GP again - is this normal? (Possible fibromyalgia)

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Teaandsleep · 26/01/2022 20:29


I’ve posted a couple times about my chronic pain and possible fibromyalgia or arthritis.

This has been going on for 3 years + and have been seeing my GP since March 2021 regarding ongoing pain, it’s affecting my sleep and all my joints etc.

I’ve been for X-rays, blood work that doesn’t show anything and have phoned multiple times between May and now saying I’m struggling, the pain is getting worse, I’m struggling to sleep properly.

Just had my latest X-ray back and it’s clear, I had to phone up for results and GP hasn’t asked me back to see him or referred me anywhere else? Good news it’s clear but doesn’t explain where this chronic pain is coming from.

Is this just the normal process?

He’s fully aware I’m very sore everyday, taking ibuprofen or paracetamol every single night to sleep but doesn’t arrange anymore appointments?

I’ll phone the practice again… just because a couple X-rays were ran and blood tests doesn’t mean that’s the end of exploring why I’m sore, is it normal to have to fight tooth and nail to be listened to? I’m in my mid 20’s and shouldn’t be this sore!

OP posts:

Lancssss · 26/01/2022 20:33

In my experience it’s normal to have to fight to be heard, which is bloody awful. Well it’s typical for women, blokes get listened to when they’re in pain.
I think you should ask to be referred to a specialist so they can rule out other stuff to see if you then do have Fibromyalgia. They need to rule out all sorts before they’ll diagnose Fibro.
Have they checked your vit D levels and your thyroid levels? Have you asked for your blood results? You might feel a lot better if your iron was higher even if it’s considered “normal”.


Akire · 26/01/2022 20:53

Sounds pretty standard sadly, have you tried completing list of all symptoms and how bad they are for you on average. You need be firm and ask is there a reason you are not referring me for further tests. Ask are
You saying these symptoms are normal
For person my age and nothing at all else it could Possible be that you can refer me for?


felulageller · 26/01/2022 22:37

What about ankolosing spondylitis?


Hallelujah2020 · 05/02/2022 19:20

I was very lucky to have a pro active GP who initially made sure MS was ruled out. Once we’d exhausted all tests she referred me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia

A rheumatologist is where you probably need to go. Even if you can afford to pay for an initial consultation privately with one you will be under a consultant and in my experience they’ll then put you under them back on NHS


collieresponder88 · 06/02/2022 10:20

How old are you ? I was having same symptoms as you and hrt has really helped me


Sideswiped · 06/02/2022 10:30

It took around 15 years for me to be diagnosed.
I went to my GP and said I wanted someone to look at 'all of me', not the individual symptoms (up to this point no-one would believe me when I said it was all connected, including rheumatologists).
My GP diagnosed me on the spot (and ran bloods to make sure) in conjunction with my past history, x rays etc.
Your GP is your first stop - the NHS now encourages GPs to diagnose if they are certain it is fibromyalgia, as it saves unnecessary hospital appointments.


redpandaalert · 06/02/2022 19:44

It took my 4 years to be diagnosed with Palindromlc Rheumatism and sjorgrens - you need to be referred to a rheumatologist. It had to get so bad that I could not work and then they slightly took me more seriously. Nothing shows in blood tests and X-rays but the drugs work so that’s how I’ve got the diagnosis. Fibro was suggested but I kept pestering


Tigerswife · 10/02/2022 00:00

17 year old Daughter is the same been like this 2 years Doctors not doing anything now done a blood test so we will see. We shouldn’t have to fight to be heard.


igotdemons · 10/02/2022 00:36

In my experience yes it is ‘normal’ (it shouldn’t be, of course). I’ve got tingling in my lower legs and feet, had it for a year now. GP did tests on me, had blood taken, nerve conduction studies, finally saw a neurologist who then said I didn’t have anything wrong with my nerves! 😳 No further action required so just put up and shut up, effectively 😕 This is the attitude I’m experiencing regularly now- chronic headaches? Just take ibuprofen! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Suspected nerve pain? Just take these drugs with horrendous side effects, we’re not interested in finding out why you have this pain! Pelvic pain? Can’t find anything wrong with you on examination, not our department, see your GP again! Hair falling out? Your iron levels are 1 point over the minimum, you’re fine! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m sick of trying to find out why I have all these symptoms only to get no answers!

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