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Chronic pain

Prolapse/pelvic floor/bladder pain

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Ellie1311 · 22/01/2022 18:02

Anyone suffering pain with this? pain and symptoms start right AFTER my period…burning and sore down there - bladder irritation (feels like a UTI but don’t have one) heaviness from prolapse. Sometimes it hurts to walk. I’m also having several ‘menopause’ type symptoms apart from the absent periods! I Had some bloods done recently to check for perimenopause and they came back fine. I’ve had a cystoscopy - scans on my kidneys and uterus - swabs for down below - nothing ever comes back.
Something that did come back quite high was my platelet level - obviously googled and it said cancer could be the cause of that. So obviously now I’m panicking !!

OP posts:

Akire · 23/01/2022 17:59

Do you have a prolapse? Sounds like they could all be linked to that. Have you been checked for thrush sometimes it can cause burning when pee, burning and soreness rather than just traditional itch.
Chase up bloods with GP and see what plan is. It’s horrible when you don’t know cause isn’t it Flowers


BottleOfSun · 06/03/2022 15:08

I could of probably written this myself OP I find I’m absolutely fine during my period it’s straight after and during ovulation I struggle! Feels like everything is heavy/bladder fullness and urethral, like I have a bloody rock in my bladder/ cervix is going to fall out.

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