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Chronic pain

Neck, shoulder and arm pain

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noenergy · 07/01/2022 09:25

Have had pain in my neck since October. At first I thought it was just a stiff neck but as time passed the pain started moving down towards the shoulder, arm and hand . I'm having spasms in the upper arm and pins and needles on my fingers. It's worse at night as I can't lie in any position whatsoever as the pressure causes excruciating pain.

First doctor thought it was frozen shoulder then dismissed that and said it was nerve pain and it should heal within 4-6 weeks but it hasn't. Went to see another doctor and have been referred for an MRI but don't know how long this will take as waiting lists are very long. They refused to do an X-ray.

Have been given Cocodamol and diazepam but that didn't help now been given Naproxen and Amitripylene which helped at first but now even that's not helping.

Anyone else had this sort of pain and what helped and what medication worked? What caused the pain. Just looking for a bit of support.

OP posts:

Cait73 · 10/01/2022 22:42

I had this, pulled an awkward muscle changing an awkward nappy with one hand!

Went to the gp a few times and saw 2 physiotherapists they all said it's time, it will pass and it did but it took MONTHS!

The only thing that worked for me was regular medication (every 4/6 hours) and laying flat on the floor as often as possible

Hope you feel better soon


AngelsWithSilverWings · 11/01/2022 08:17

I had exactly what you describe for about two years. Started as a neck pain and got so bad I couldn't lift my right arm at all. Had the pain all the way down my arm and strange finger spasms.

Had X-rays , physio and steroid injections but it got worse and worse. GP seemed very reluctant to offer me a referral to a specialist.

I eventually broke down in tears while in a physio appt and the physio casually suggested he could refer me to an orthopaedic surgeon.

I didn't know they could do that and was just so relieved after being fobbed off by my GP for so long.

One appointment with the specialist and he diagnosed it as textbook frozen shoulder. Said no amount of physio or steroid injections would make the slightest bit of difference until the shoulder was fixed and he was incredulous that I had out up with it for two years.

Had it manipulated under general anaesthetic followed by a course of physio and it's been fine ever since.

Hope it's gets sorted for you too.


noenergy · 27/01/2022 18:38

So I had my MRI and it's a slipped disc in my neck.
Has anyone has this and recovered without surgery?
I will have to wait another 3 months before they will look at surgery as an option.

Would a chiropractor or physio help?

Can't bear the pain!

OP posts:

Akire · 27/01/2022 18:46

Glad they found a cause for you, shame it’s 3m wait! Worth ringing up few practises and asking advice though imagine can’t do much while it’s not in right place but you never know. Feel free join us on daily chat thread for space moan and get through the day. You would be very welcome.


CottonSock · 27/01/2022 18:48

Gabapentin worked for mine. Nerve pain. Slowly reducing dose now.


CottonSock · 27/01/2022 18:49

Sorry just saw your update. Owch


Garman · 27/01/2022 19:01

Never a chiropractor, try a physio.


Dita73 · 16/06/2022 03:24

Can I ask how you are now? I’ve had arm,shoulder and neck pain for the last ten days. During the day I can get by with painkillers but as soon as I lay down to try and sleep,the pain is killing me and I came get any relief in any position. I would appreciate any advice. Many thanks and I hope you’re feeling better


BusyBeaMe · 21/09/2022 21:56

I had this last year. It dragged on for about 3 months and so very miserable. Constant pain, spasms and it started to affect my ability to function.

Zapain was prescribed and at times gave some relief. Naproxen did nothing. Diazepam just made me fuzzy, as did the amitriptyline. I really struggled to function during the day looking after my the DC was hard.

I tried physio, osteopath and chiropractor. Nothing released the nerve. Eventually I tried acupuncture as I was desperate but also sceptical. I had 4 sessions and it released the nerve and the spasms stopped too. Perhaps worth trying? Tiger balm helped top. Also, a lacrosse ball on a wall and pressing your back/arm into it helped release the nerve (advice from acupuncturist)
goid luck- it’s relentless!

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