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Chronic pain

Spinal Stenosis and Synovial Cysts

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Luckingfovely · 06/01/2022 22:46

Hi - am dealing with a new diagnosis of the above - following many years struggling with an early degenerative spine disorder. (Stenosis along most of my spine, these two things colliding now with a bang at L4/L5).

Apparently a combination of the two (post-MRI) are causing my intense sciatica.

I have to choose between an epidural and steroids along with draining the cysts; or decompression surgery to fix both at the same time properly.

Consultant says he thinks the epidural option will help with the stenosis, but tends not to help with the cysts - as they often refill as soon as they are drained.

I would be so grateful for anyone who has experience or knowledge of this to share their thoughts and recommendations - huge thanks in advance.

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Luckingfovely · 07/01/2022 12:22

Small bump! Smile

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Luckingfovely · 07/01/2022 22:47

Last hope at a bump!

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CentrifugalBumblePuppy · 07/01/2022 23:02

I have early degenerative disc disease (at 19, bum!), synovial cysts at L2/3, stenosis, sciatica and a whole bag of other stuff. I’ve had 4(or 5?) epidurals, plus steroid injections under CT and fluoroscope & more in the past 30 years; I’ve had great pain relief for around 6-8 weeks until it all seeps back again.

Unfortunately I can’t have my cysts drained (they’d only refill) nor any stabilisation surgery (I’ve already had extensive laminectomy/discectomy & decompression surgery at 20 which failed) and having severe spina bifida occulta and now osteoarthritis adding just that extra spice onto the clusterfudge of spinal issues.

My first decompression surgery was great for a few years (I was 20, so nearly 30 years ago lol) and although mine failed, it’s worth considering; I’ve had a few friends have a great outcome with similar decompression surgery!

Hoping whatever way forward you choose gives you great pain relief!

Luckingfovely · 08/01/2022 13:25

Wow @CentrifugalBumblePuppy you've had such a journey, thank you sharing it!

Wishing you pain-free days and nights, as much as possible.

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fridascruffs · 09/06/2022 08:11

Luckingfovely what did you decide to do in the end? I've had MRI results, I have a mildly bulging disc and a fact cyst, not sure what hey're going to advise yet- 'weeks if not months' before I can talk to a consultant.

Bodyisbuggered · 13/06/2022 12:16

I have a Tarlov cyst in my sacrum, facet hypertrophy in lower lumbar and sacroiliac joint sacroilitis. I have RA so some of it can be due to that. However its impacting on my mobility massively. Not to mention the pain is awful.

I had my cyst drained in March, it took fair while to recover from (more than I expected) but it did help symptoms. Now they're back (its like someone is holding a red hot poker to the end of my spinal cord plus it puts me in urinary retention) so the draining lasted three months. Not sure what happens now. Sorry not sure thats any help at all!!

Luckingfovely · 15/06/2022 07:01

Hi @fridascruffs sorry, just saw your reply now.

So - I had a bit of a journey, but am glad to say that I am 95% sorted now.

I got a second opinion from a neurologist rather than the spinal surgeon I saw previously. He advised against the epidural & draining as very unlikely to work in the long term.

Had surgery a couple of months back - laminectomy, disc decompression, and removal of two huge cysts. Relief from the sciatica was immediate following the surgery, although recovery was slow.

I have an impressive scar but am massively more mobile now, still have odd moments of sciatica but nothing like before.

I'm certain I made the right choice. I wish you huge luck in getting seen and finding a solution soon Flowers

OP posts:
fridascruffs · 21/06/2022 15:19

Thanks @Luckingfovely I also only just saw this and thanks also to @Bodyisbuggered for the info. I decided to see a spinal surgeon privately (GP told me who she would go see if it was her) and, he said injections won't last, decompression alone probs won't solve permanently as the vertebra looks like it's slipping so decompress and fuse it in l4/5. And his waiting time is only 4 months on the NHS, so Octoberish. I'm going to do it. It's a daunting recovery time but I really can't walk far, so no option really. I'm so relieved, was thinking of going to Poland for surgery but I don't have to.
@Bodyisbuggered I read that draining cysts rarely works because they refill but it's so hard to know isn't it.

fridascruffs · 21/06/2022 15:21

Oh just rereading original post, and that was OP's info too, about cysts refilling.

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