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Chronic pain


11 replies

Starrr123 · 06/01/2022 15:20

Anyone suffer with this?
What are your symptoms and how long is the longest a flare up has lasted ?

OP posts:

BooksAndGin · 06/01/2022 15:22

Pain in my jaw both sides, in my gums, behind my ears, swelling, headaches.

Chewing and cold air makes it worse for me. I'm in a constant flare up with it, so far this one has lasted 6 months. The longest it went away for was a year and then returned with revenge.


BooksAndGin · 06/01/2022 15:23

Oh also my jaw locks up too which is great fun when I'm hangry. Grin


Lushmetender · 06/03/2022 15:00

I’ve been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia but starting to think it could be TMJ. I have pain in jaw on one side, headache, what feels like horrendous tooth ache and now finding it sore to swallow. Started on amitriptyline and titrated to 20 mg so far. Less than a week in and still sore. Still in paracetamol and ibuprofen but it only helps make me function - the constant ache is there. I also seem to have a swelling under right jaw. I really hope the pain subsides soon as I’m struggling. How is yours starrr123?


Starrr123 · 06/03/2022 15:38

@Lushmetender i was on 25mg on ami stopped it as wasnt sure if its made me have tinnutis!
Started it again! And feeling able to function! One dr is saying Tmj the other Trigeminal neuralgia!
Tbh i dont know which one i would rather 😩😩😩 ive had the constant ache for nearly a year!!! So not sure what to do! I must say. Since ive been taking lots of b vitamins and my amitriptyline again 10mg its getting soooo mu h better!
How long hve you had the pain xxx

OP posts:

Lushmetender · 06/03/2022 16:16

Starrr123 well this has been v odd. Started feeling like I couldn’t chew on right side at Christmastime but headache started 21 jan and it was v subtle to begin with but has got really bad this past week. Saw dr (I was originally diagnosed with Bell’s palsy) and she said I had trigeminal neuralgia. Started amitriptyline nearly a week ago but I’m still on high dose paracetamol and ibuprofen.
It was the shooting pains which have lessened but I now have one particularly sensitive tooth at the back and feel I’ve been punched in the jaw. Went to dentist and he did another X-ray but couldn’t see any infection. But he said he couldn’t see other side of tooth so might be a crack so we’ve agreed to replace the filling. If honest not sure I can open my mouth that wide and chewing/swallowing is painful. Just had FIL here who is retired GP and i asked him which jaw looked bigger and he could tell which one even though subtly. So he said that seems to indicate my teeth. I did ask dentist for antibiotics which he reluctantly gave. 3 days left of that so see if makes any difference.
I’m scared of eating though as it sets it off. Any way going to go back to gp due to the swollen gland to check whether more tests will be needed


Lushmetender · 07/03/2022 15:49

The latest is blocked salivary gland on top of the trigeminal neuralgia and Bell’s palsy. Given different antibiotic. Or dr said it could be dental .🙁 all I can say is I’m still in pain!


Starrr123 · 07/03/2022 17:25

@Lushmetender so sorry i didnt reply! So what can they do? Xxxx

OP posts:

Lushmetender · 07/03/2022 18:06

I’m trying this new antibiotic - to swill my mouth out with lemons to stimulate salivary gland and to keep taking the painkillers as well as amitriptyline- but the pain could still be dental in origin. Process of elimination! Just wish I wasn’t in pain!


wfrances · 14/03/2022 23:51

Ask your dentist to refer you to max fax
I had severe one sided facial chronic pain and jaw spasms and locking
I had a head scan and they saw straight away I had a problem with my jaw
I now have Botox injections
Which helps all my symptoms


Starrr123 · 15/03/2022 08:05

@Lushmetender how are you now xx

OP posts:

Lushmetender · 15/03/2022 09:44

Hi antibiotics got rid of lump so can only think infection of some kind. Helped with the sore swallowing. Just not sure what has caused it. Teeth, salivary gland, jaw or simply nerves. I can still feel pain in tooth but manageable with the 20 mg amitriptyline daily. Only had 2 paracetamol yesterday so big improvement. I have the dentist today but might ask him to hold off refilling teeth and observe. Still got bit of a headache but is ok when up and about. How are you guys?

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