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Chronic pain

Recurring neck pain - how to treat it?

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esgill · 18/12/2021 00:48

I did a yoga pose in a zoom class 2 years ago and ever since I have had recurring neck pain (the pose was Purvotanasana). It hurts most when I turn my head up. It's a pain in my upper spine/neck region and reallllly hurts. It gets worse with computer use, the cold etc.

I want to get it treated but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options for treatment. It all seems alternative rather than conventional medicine.

Chiropractics near me have amazing reviews but I watched neck adjustments on Youtube and they look absolutely brutal. I am not totally sure if they work or just temporarily work by releasing nitrogen oxide from the area.

Osteopathy: I am not entirely sure what this is, even.

Physiotherapy: probably the most respected by Western medicine. Is it just doing exercises/getting sports massages?

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esgill · 18/12/2021 13:43


OP posts:

Mumzoo5070 · 18/12/2021 19:46

Have you had a scan of your neck? I wouldn't let anyone do 'adjustments' in case there was a structural issue. (I've recently had surgery on my neck)


physwizz · 18/12/2021 19:59


It sounds like you need to be assessed by a doctor or at least a physiotherapist before you make your decision

My advice would be so not have manipulations on a spine that hasn't been cleared for injury by X-ray

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