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Chronic pain

My medication will be due on Tuesday 28th…… but it’s a bank holiday. When could I order?

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Nikki037297 · 17/12/2021 09:31

My medications are due on Tuesday 28th December but Iv checked my calendar and seen Monday and Tuesday after Christmas are both bank holidays. Does this mean the doctors and pharmacy will all be closed? It takes me doctors two days usually to approve medications, so which day should I order it?

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Ariela · 17/12/2021 09:55

There's a notice up in our pharmacy to say order early due to Christmas. I'd order today and pick up Tues/Wed next week.


RodJaneFreddy · 17/12/2021 16:48

Can you call Dr and her a prescription sent over to pharmacy today? I take meds and order when I’ve 2 weeks left so it’s approved and collected when I usually have 1 week left


daisychicken · 17/12/2021 16:53

I ordered early and put a note that I was only ordering early because of Christmas. Our pharmacy and GP surgery also had signs up saying order early if repeat prescription is needed over the holiday period.

So I'd order now/Monday.


Wilma55 · 17/12/2021 16:56

If you do it online it tells you when you can next order it (mine does anyway).


EBearhug · 17/12/2021 16:59

I picked up a repeat prescription today- it's two weeks since I requested it (usually it takes a few days,) and they said it's because they're so busy with Christmas coming up, so I'd request it as soon as possible.


GotToGoBye · 17/12/2021 17:01

You can order early, so I’d ring Wednesday next week.


RavingAnnie · 17/12/2021 17:18

Just order now. I ordered my meds about two weeks ago. They always want you to order early for Christmas.


Nikki037297 · 19/12/2021 08:19

Thank you everyone I am on restricted medication which I get 2 weeks worth at a time and usually order 1 week before they are due as it takes the doctor 1 day or so to approve them the pharmacy a further day or so to get it ready so I was just unsure if I’d be able to get it early with it being restricted I’m sorry I should have put this in the original post

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onemouseplace · 19/12/2021 08:22

I’m on restricted meds as well and always order the week before it’s actually due with no problems for exactly the same reasons (a couple of days for the GP to do the prescription and then at least 3 days for the pharmacy to get the meds in and me to pick up and have to go back if they haven’t got them in). I just put it in a note on the online form.


Nikki037297 · 21/12/2021 10:17

Put it through this morning with a note saying order early for the Christmas bank holidays and it was rejected

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