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Chronic pain

Tramadol/Naproxen/CBD oil

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Lighthouseblue · 06/12/2021 20:35

Hi everyone, I suffer from grade 4 arthritis and am in a lot of pain. I take Naproxen and Tramadol daily. I have recently purchased 20% CBD oil but have since read that I should not take CBD oil if taking the other painkillers. Any opinions or experience of this please? Thank you.

OP posts:

Akire · 13/12/2021 16:30

To be honest I’ve not felt much difference on it, it isn’t like having 3 glasses wine and you feel instead affect. I’ve been taking with codeine and no Bad effects (not much good either but thought worth a go). More likely to be covering their own back. Majority of people using it will be on some sort pain drugs.

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