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Chronic pain

Uti symptoms clear culture?

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ChristmasBabi · 06/12/2021 00:13

Hi some help hopefully? Really struggling and need some help. I'm 38 weeks

I had a UTI back in September that was treated then around the end of October I had really bad symptoms with another, kidney and abdomen pain and needing a wee all the time etc, handed in a really dark urine sample (like cola) with protein, blood and ketones but culture was clear. Got antibiotics anyway but it came back a week after they finished. Done more water samples with blood etc in but again clear on culture. Clears up again while on more antibiotics but severe pain when they have ran out. I'm now on my 4th set of antibiotics last time I couldn't wee it was that severe the pain within 5 days of ending antibiotics it was horrific and I'm dreading these ending as I already feel now as if I can feel it coming back on and I'm not even finished this course.

Why is the culture coming back clear but I'm in such severe pain? The gp won't help and the maternity ward are sick of me

OP posts:

Akire · 13/12/2021 16:28

How are you getting on now? Will they consider long term anti biotics? Obviously something is going on if it’s colour it is and showing protein.


ChristmasBabi · 13/12/2021 16:51

It was a kidney stone! I passed it which is the only way I got relief or any answers 😂 currently Being induced in hospital now wish me luck!

OP posts:

Akire · 13/12/2021 16:56

Oh how exciting! Best wishes for new arrival Brew

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