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Chronic pain

Opinions on meds please.

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Gilead · 01/12/2021 22:27

I have EDS, Psoriatic Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
I take between two and four Tramadol a day, four paracetamol and two nurofen. None of it works. Because it doesn’t work I’m reluctant to increase the dose oh and the constant reminders by GP and pharmacy about addiction. Also prescribed Oromorph for breakthrough pain (It’s all bloody breakthrough) and Amitriptyline for nerve pain, which doesn’t knock me out but does help the nerve pain.
I have been reading that all these things could be beneficial if taken at the prescribed dose (4/6 hourly) a sort of cumulative effect one imagines. Would appreciate other people’s views and experiences please.
Thank you.

OP posts:
MrsSkylerWhite · 01/12/2021 22:31

With your conditions I would have expected a more anti-inflammatory based prescription. Are you able to tolerate diclofenac or naproxen?

Gilead · 01/12/2021 23:27

That’s being looked into, I also have Chrons and Ulcerative colitis, however I had my bowel removed earlier this year, so if consultant agrees naproxen will be added.
I’m just being peed off tonight, I’m in pain and even going from bed to en-suite is painful. I used to walk my dog for miles, can only shuffle about a bit now!

OP posts:
Akire · 02/12/2021 11:22

I think it’s worth trying the constant approach so not waiting until pain is awful but take before hand at say 4/6hours. Are you wanting to get by get by ok now
I’m screaming and taking meds approach?

Having said that if the meds are not doing v much and still in pain there is something to be said about stopping them anyway as they can do more harm than good if not giving you relief you need.

Can you speak to pharmacist and work up a realistic meds plan to try for few weeks?

Gilead · 02/12/2021 12:48

Good idea @Akire, will have a chat. Am mighty fed up!

OP posts:
MrsSkylerWhite · 02/12/2021 21:13

I’m just being peed off tonight, I’m in pain and even going from bed to en-suite is painful. I used to walk my dog for miles, can only shuffle about a bit now!“

Really sorry to read that Gilead. I can imagine how you feel and it must be so disheartening. 💐

Hallelujah2020 · 03/12/2021 07:02

With my meds (for fibromyalgia and arthritis) I initially tried to hold off taking any until the evening when I’d finished work as one of them was Gabapentin and I wasn’t wanting it to affect me in anyway with side effects

So I was taking it when I was already in pain and it just wasn’t working

Went to pain clinic and the doctor there said you must take it regularly as directed throughout the day whether you are in pain or not (at the time meds are due) because it’s far easier to get on top of the pain like this than trying to get on top of it when you’re already in pain

I followed that advice and it 100% worked

Really hope you feel better soon, if you can afford it then it might be worth having a one off visit to pain management privately

Acupuncture also really helped me pain management wise

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