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Chronic pain

Painful joints - any tips for managing it?

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GoGoPowerScooter · 20/11/2021 11:42

Very painful joints (hands, wrists, ankle, toes mainly) and been referred to rheumatology for possible psoriatic arthritis (had psoriasis for 20+ years). GP says to take paracetamol and ibuprofen, but neither really touch the pain, which feels like toothache 😭 I'd rather avoid codeine due to IBS. Can anyone recommend any pain relief that's helped them, please? Meds/complementary therapies/anything at all? Finding wrist and ankle supports help a bit, but the top joints of my fingers are killing me. Thanks :-)

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mynameiscalypso · 20/11/2021 11:45

I take naproxen. It's not amazing but takes the edge off.

GoGoPowerScooter · 20/11/2021 13:00

Thanks Calypso - is that on prescription, or OTC?

OP posts:
mynameiscalypso · 20/11/2021 13:40

Prescription - it's like stronger ibuprofen so good for inflammation but you also need to take it with omeprazole because it's not great for your stomach. The only thing OTC that even touches the pain is something codeine-based but I totally get why you don't want to take it. I'd try and speak to your GP again and see if you can get some while waiting for your rheumatologist appointment.

ihatethecold · 20/11/2021 13:45

HRT was the only medication that helped me. I was early 40’s with terrible hip pain. Took a few years for me to put 2 and 2 together and realise I needed oestrogen.

NovemberNovemberDarkNights · 20/11/2021 13:48

I'm taking Naproxen (& omeorazole) for an injury, it's helped with my knees a lot. They're not totally pain free & I still can't kneel on them, but they stopped hurting every time I stood up snd are less painful
On the stairs etc. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to get them for but I'll be asking my GP for them for my knees once they decide I'm no longer able to have them for my injury.

I'm not sure what the problem is with using them long term (and I'm usually a refusenik of medicine) but I'm willing to 'trade off' some 'possible xyz' for the reduction of pain in my knees...

And actually I hadn't really thought about it, but my hands are much better too.

GoGoPowerScooter · 20/11/2021 18:09

Thanks all - I'll ring the GP on Monday and ask about naproxen. Going to have some CBD this evening and see if that helps too 😊

OP posts:
womaninatightspot · 20/11/2021 18:14


I take naproxen. It's not amazing but takes the edge off.

Me too. 500mg morning and night. Take it with paracetamol as it improves the efficacy apparently.
womaninatightspot · 20/11/2021 18:16


Thanks all - I'll ring the GP on Monday and ask about naproxen. Going to have some CBD this evening and see if that helps too 😊

It's worth noting Naproxen is available over the counter in boots they sell it as period pain reliever or some such.
WeisheitNurInWahrheit · 21/11/2021 01:50

Thing that helps me admittedly alongside rather heavy duty painkillers is using ice to bring joints down from sort of pain that makes you squirm about involuntarily/chew your lips until they bleed without realising/cry (etc etc blah you know the stuff) to copeable-with/able to sleep/able to unscrunch self & dehedgehog.

Hydrotherapy, if you can get it, is amazing.

Acupuncture works for some people. Very much did not work for me (I had it - on the NHS - for migraines & it just made me bleed everywhere) but it might be worth trying.

As PPs have pointed out, absolutely make sure that your GP prescribes a PPI alongside naproxen.

I hope you get to see rheumatology soon & that you find something to help painwise.

MrsPerfect12 · 21/11/2021 22:16

I use diclofenac it's a side step from naproxen and spread over 3 doses rather than 2, which is why I switched. Naproxen can be bad for the stomach so needs to be taken with food.

Kikkomam · 21/11/2021 22:20

Diclofenac washed down with a glass of wine
Lots of vitamin D

Glinsk · 21/11/2021 22:20

I had naproxen before I got treatment for RA and it was helpful. I thought oral diclofenic had been banned in the UK?
Diclofenic gel (volterol) is quite good for painful fingers.

Also "arthritis gloves". Tight fingerless gloves which are surprisingly helpful.
I never find ice much help, heat a bit more so

MrsPerfect12 · 21/11/2021 23:02

@Glinsk I have oral diclofenac. It can't be banned.

Glinsk · 22/11/2021 11:57

I beg your pardon @MrsPerfect12, just googled it.
I based it on a conversation with my GP who said "we don't prescribe it any more because of the risk". Apparently you can still get them on prescription but not OTC.
I have had both diclofeic and naproxen, they are both non-steroidal anti inflammatories (NSAIDs) and IME have similar results. Both can cause stomach problems hence usually prescribed with a PPI such as omeprazole.

GoGoPowerScooter · 23/11/2021 16:31

Thanks everyone - I now have arthritis gloves, a prescription for naproxen and omeprazole, voltarol gel, and a TENS pen - hoping I can get some relief with that lot. If not, there's always gin Grin

OP posts:
Chely · 25/11/2021 16:33

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 4 years ago. I avoid pain killers as much as possible, I took up weightlifting which has improved my joint pain massively. My thumbs have become more painful with the weather turning colder so I try to keep warm.
Having a low carb diet can reduce inflammation so worth a try.

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