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Chronic pain

Are your friends sympathetic/supportive about your pain?

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FurryFerrets33 · 12/11/2021 23:13

I'm 39 and started having major issues about 14 years ago, with what I now know to be Fibromyalgia/possible arthritis. The majority of friends have been supportive and are now used to it. Some (now ex) friends have been complete twats Grin.
I often worry that I bore people with illness Talk so just interested in what others in a similar situation have to say.

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Aquamarine1029 · 12/11/2021 23:21

Aside from venting to my husband, I never talk to anyone about my pain. They have enough problems of their own, they don't need to hear about mine.


MichelleScarn · 13/11/2021 19:09

Do you talk about other things, are you interested in them or their lives? I feel awful bit I've just had to stop 'following' a friend on sm as everything is about their health. A daily rundown of meds, aches pains, and and anything that anyone else posts is met with 'alright for some, I'm.....'


Akire · 13/11/2021 21:07

I may mention it when texting friends as in I went out shopping now back playing up. But I wouldn’t list long symptoms or go on to much. Usually only to Few people who actually ask how you are. Unless it’s particular awful day when I need a moan. But then only select people and more about just saying it as it is than to get any sort of affirmation back because well nothing really helps does it. Certainly it’s only a. Small part of a chat I may have as I don’t want moan to much or bore them or myself.


dreamingdream · 02/12/2021 05:13

@FurryFerrets33 Yes people are supportive most times but there are a few occasions people see my health issues as a weakness to say something nasty about me, I just have to suck it up and bear nasty comments sometimes, it hurts emotionally and I do suffer depression and anxiety. I cry, get stressed, the stress affects my health, it's a repeat pattern/cycle.

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