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Chronic pain

Low dose naltrexone at Harpal Clinic

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Orangesandlemons82 · 03/11/2021 00:15

I wondered if anyone had experience of trying LDN for chronic pain or has been seen by the Harpal Clinic? I have an appointment tomorrow and am really hoping that this is something that may help.

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Akire · 03/11/2021 09:37

Bumping for you


thesootherfairy · 04/11/2021 20:11

I've tried LDN. Not through that particular clinic though - somewhere else.

LDN is pretty good. It was and is helpful with my ankylosing spondylitis.
Took the stiffness and a lot of pain.

Not a cure by any means. Deffo worth a go. Improved things for me and no side effects which is a massive bonus for me.


Orangesandlemons82 · 10/11/2021 09:16

@thesootherfairy thank you - sorry,only just saw your reply. I have decided to give it a go as haven't got anything to loose.

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Mumteedum · 19/02/2022 20:55

Hello @Orangesandlemons82... A friend recommended this clinic. Just wondering how you are getting on?


Orangesandlemons82 · 19/02/2022 21:00

@Mumteedum I have been really happy with the support from the clinic. I have been able to do everything virtually with them so haven't needed to go there at all. They are very responsive to queries and there is no pressure to buy any additional supplements that they suggest may be beneficial. In the video consultation I felt really listened to by the Doctor and not rushed.
I think the LDN programme is about £60 a month but it has been worth it. It is worth bearing in mind that you need to increase it gradually so can take a while to reach a therapeutic dose.

OP posts:

Mumteedum · 19/02/2022 21:57

@Orangesandlemons82 that's great to hear. Do you mind me asking if you had a diagnosis before you saw them? I have CFS diagnosis from GP although I feel perhaps I need a consultant diagnosis and other tests to rule other stuff out.

My friend is happy with Harper and said it was about£500 but a monthly fee for a regular prescription makes sense. Are you likely to be on it long term do you know?


Orangesandlemons82 · 19/02/2022 22:04

@Mumteedum I knew that it was possibly autoimmune but not specifically. I don't think you need a diagnosis as they focus on treating the symptoms and taking more of a functional medicine approach. I was hesitant about trying it but am glad I did.

OP posts:

Mumteedum · 19/02/2022 22:12

Ohhh interesting. I've just signed up for some free functional medicine consultation through work. Thanks for replying @Orangesandlemons82 hope you keep making progress Flowers


Italiangreyhound · 13/03/2022 00:12

@Orangesandlemons82 that is wonderful, is it helping?

I wonder if it is available on the NHS?

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