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Chronic pain

Tmj.. migraines… botox?

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Tarrarra · 02/11/2021 18:30

Just wondering if any tmj disorder sufferers have had Botox treatment and found it helpful?

After 3 years of chronic migraines and various medication I decided last week to give this a go and paid to have private treatment. I’m just wondering if it has helped anyone else and what your experience was?

I’ve got to go back in 2 weeks for a review but hopefully will know by then If it was successful?

Has anyone managed to get it on the nhs and if so how?

Thanks for any advice!

OP posts:

PrittySticky · 20/11/2021 13:48


How did you get on? I hope it has made some improvement for you?


Tarrarra · 20/11/2021 19:24

@prittysticky it’s early days. Sadly not migraine free yet. Another review in a few weeks and hopefully will know by then if it’s been any help. Thanks for asking!

OP posts:

Starrr123 · 06/01/2022 15:17

@Tarrarra hi!! Just wondering how long does your tmj play up for? And also does it effect your tweth? Ive been offered botox on the nhs ! Waiting to hear back from my oral max dr x


Tarrarra · 06/01/2022 17:17

I get migraines every 10 days or so as well as facial pain. I was told by my migraine specialist that I couldn’t have botox on the nhs as I wasn’t affected for over 20 days per month. I think I had 18 or 19 days at that point…

OP posts:

Woodlandarchitect · 06/01/2022 17:22

Hello! I have botox for migraines and at first I didn’t think it worked.

But since it’s worn off I have noticed my migraines are back and horrendous. And difficult to manage without Topamax.

So I’m off to get Botox again! Because Topamax is not agreeing with me at all and I’m terribly ill with it all.

My botox lasted for about 4 months but I think I had baby botox.


cushioncovers · 06/01/2022 17:25

Sorry to hear you're suffering op. I'd be Keen to know how I'd go about getting Botox privately for migraines? Do you go by recommendation? Thanks.


BurbageBrook · 06/01/2022 17:27

A friend of mine has it and says it works wonders.


Woodlandarchitect · 06/01/2022 17:31

My consultant neurologist recommended botox to me.
I would have it done again tomorrow if I could afford it! Sad


courtney251 · 15/05/2022 21:34


I know this post is quite old but wondering how you're getting g on with the Botox? Ive had tmj for two months and it's not budging every day I'm in pain! X


saliwales2022 · 15/05/2022 21:46

My daughter who is a nurse, sometimes works in a pain clinic and her view is that botox is very successful as a painkiller.


Tarrarra · 17/05/2022 18:51

Mine has clearly worn off as the migraines are back with a vengeance. I’m going to book in for another go!

OP posts:

Ollyanddahlia · 22/06/2022 22:24

Fellow TMD sufferer here. 3 years and counting.

I've had the botox treatment, I'm under the care of oral surgery and they offered it to me after other treatments (physio, mouth guard, baclofen etc) didn't work.

At the time I didn't think it had done much but when it wore off I realised that actually it had helped quite a bit. I had 10ml which is apparently the highest amount you can have.

I'm due to have it again next month (I can only have two lots on the NHS) then I think it'll be a referral to a neurologist or a pain clinic as I'm quickly exhausting all options with them😔


wingliner · 07/07/2022 00:50

I was originally diagnosed with TMJ/TMD and nothing they gave me worked. I now have had a different consultant he has diagnosed me with Trigeminal Neuralgia - I have medications to stop the nerve pain and it has worked wonders. Can I ask where exactly the pain is?


Starrr123 · 07/07/2022 08:50

@wingliner hii! What meds are you on? I was the same as you. One said tmj then the other said TN! Whats meds Re you on? Ive been put on amitriptyline. What caused yours? Have you had an mri? Xx


wingliner · 07/07/2022 11:07

Hi. I am on carbamazepine 100mg morning and 100mg in evening.

I am awaiting an MRI but hospital is extremely busy with huge backlog.

i don’t know what caused mine. I really haven’t a clue. You?


wingliner · 07/07/2022 16:54

@Starrr123 do you know what caused yours?


Starrr123 · 07/07/2022 17:49

@wingliner im glad it helps you :)

do u feel weird on it ?

i dont know what caused mine! Maybe covid ? Or pregnancy?
but i. Hving neck issues also so not sur eif ita connected! What sort of pain did u get xxxx


wingliner · 07/07/2022 18:30

It doesn't make me feel weird no, shod it? Do u know others who are on it and feel weird?
Def feel better on it.
Eating is easier.
Talking is a lot easier.

I am wondering when they look at my MRI when I finally get it down whether they will be able to tell me what caused it?

Have you heard that stress makes ir worse?


sweetkitty · 24/08/2022 00:39

I paid privately to see a consultant maxi facial specialist last November for severe TMJ pain. He said he wouldn’t recommend Botox as it wouldn’t work! I also have chronic migraines and am on topiramate/topamax. I have fibromyalgia and grind my teeth, he prescribed a mouthguard but that hurts my teeth and is so sore. My whole head/neck and shoulders ache constantly I’ve had to up my dihydrocodeine to 6 a day just to cope.


courtney251 · 24/08/2022 06:49


Just wanted to say I was in agony for months and months. I gave Botox a go and within two weeks all of my symptoms had gone. I would definitely give it a go!!

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