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Chronic pain

Gallstones - worst pain ever ?!!

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Hyppogriff · 29/10/2021 22:57

Is it just me or is gallstone pain the worst in the world? By far worse than labour for me!!!! I’ve had 5 episodes in the last 6 weeks and I’m now afraid to eat. Agh!! Does anything make it better? Scan next week… but consultant said pretty sure it can’t be anything else! Honestly thought I would die during them! Does anyone else vomit ?!!! Never had any kind of digestive issues then wham! Should
I have it out ?!

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delilabell · 29/10/2021 22:59

Deffo have it out.
I had gallstones and was told it was worse than labour so thought labour would be easy 😳 I was induced and on the drip and it was just awful


delilabell · 29/10/2021 23:00

Oh also yes I'd vomit, feel like I needed a poo but didn't. I'd sweat loads too. You have my sympathy as its horrible.


KatherineofGaunt · 29/10/2021 23:07

I had gallbladder pain (they never said it was stones but they definitely said it was my gallbladder) and it was the worst pain I've ever had. Before I knew what it was I honestly thought I was going to die! I rang 111 in tears.

Sending massive loads of sympathy!


VTechnophobe · 29/10/2021 23:25

It's 3 years this month since I had mine out and it has changed my life (for the better). The pain was worse than childbirth for sure.


WhoWants2Know · 03/11/2021 08:12

This was me last night. Buckets of sweat, vomiting, diarrhoea and not knowing where to put myself with the pain. I don't know what's in there, so I don't know if it needs to come out. But it's still sore this morning and I'm afraid to eat.


jotorious · 04/11/2021 18:06

Hi, I was sick with pain when I had gall stones and the pain was unbearable. Had it taken out about 6 years ago and not had any problems since, best thing I ever did.


lazylinguist · 04/11/2021 18:37

It's pretty horrific. I only had one full-blown attack, fortunately. I had to call dh home to pick up the dc as I couldn't even stand. When he saw me he said I looked grey in the face and as if I'd aged 10 years Shock. Still not as bad as labour for me though...


lazylinguist · 04/11/2021 18:38

Oh and yes, definitely have the damn thing out!


MrsPatmoresPinny · 04/11/2021 18:53

Can you describe the pain please?

I’m having short attacks (about an hour) that starts as burning/gnawing in my stomach then turns to full abdomen cramps. I’m writhing in a cold sweat, it’s definitely worse than labour and only stops after I vomit. It’s mostly happened around 3am but also happened immediately after breakfast once.

I thought it might be an ulcer or gallbladder but I’ve tried eating really fatty foods to see if it’s that but it doesn’t seem to bring it on and the pain isn’t in my right side either. The only thing guaranteed to bring it on is bread/wheat so I’ve stopped having that and it’s eased off.


WithMyEncyclopedia · 04/11/2021 18:56

For me it was high up around the shoulderblades and sides, not in the uterus area. Fatty food never seemed to be a consistent factor for me.

It took me a long while to realise that the right shoulder blade was a common area, as the pain is so immense it feels like it's everywhere. Thought it was a heart attack the first time.


Hyppogriff · 06/11/2021 21:21

For me the pain is central and high up (between rib cage and tummy button). It’s like someone has punched me right there (and that just punched feeling continues and continues and continues). They used to be only
At night and about once a week but more recently they are every day or every other. I’ve only actually vomited once but that didn’t bring any relief in itself. Codeine I think does help and I’m taking buscopan too. Scan on Thursday so hopefully can confirm it and get them gone !!!

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MySaladDays75 · 06/11/2021 21:23



DialSquare · 06/11/2021 21:40

It was the worse pain I've ever had. Drinking as much water as quickly as I could, was the only relief I could get. I had my gallbladder out about 12 years ago now and I still have issues with pain regularly but nowhere near as bad.


BeyondShrinks · 06/11/2021 21:53

It actually isn't (yet - touch wood!) the worst ever pain for me, but that could be the copious painkillers that I'm already on dulling it? For me it feels like when you're heavily pregnant and the baby stretches and pokes their leg out, but always in the upper right quadrant. My description of it was so "out there" though that I went back and forth the drs - and even A&E at times - with no one suggesting it was my gallbladder! Til the scan later confirmed it 🙄


goose1964 · 13/11/2021 22:29

I've had gallstones, 3 labours and now my pancreas is playing up. I'm afraid that pain is worse than gallbladder, although it's mainly controlled by careful diet there are still random things that trigger me. It's like cramp access my entire abdomen and can last forhours


dreamingdream · 15/11/2021 17:44

I have chronic pain in my abdomen and was diagnosed with gallstones so I'm watching this thread.


Hyppogriff · 26/11/2021 06:30

Having it out on Wednesday I can’t wait !!!

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