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Chronic pain

Steroid injection for arthritic knee

14 replies

RedHelenB · 22/10/2021 18:51

Anyone who's had one able to share how long before pain lessened and if it did work how long for?

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Finknottlesnewt · 22/10/2021 18:53

Yes ! Absolutely fucking painful but never had a treatment so effective !! Make sure you have household slaves to bring you tea and snacks for 48 hours and then you will be able to get up and run 5 k even if you previously struggled to get upstairs !!


Finknottlesnewt · 22/10/2021 18:55

Sorry lasted (for me ) 5 months ... then had another. And one more before Bariatric surgery (my weight caused the arthritis) lost 7 stone and now run every day (at 58 !) literally a new lease of life !


MrsPerfect12 · 22/10/2021 18:58

I've been offered the durolane injection. Has anyone tried that?


RedHelenB · 22/10/2021 19:02

How much rest should I be having?

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SarahJinx · 22/10/2021 19:03

Gawd it hurts like a fucker but mine was ok for about two years. I just rested the next day and was fine after.


RedHelenB · 22/10/2021 19:06

Thanks for the reply. I've not been completely stationary as in I put the washing on the line but I've mai ly had my feet up on the sofa. is that ok?

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CMOTDibbler · 22/10/2021 19:08

@MrsPerfect12 my dh has had 2 durolane injections now and they have been utterly amazing for him. He has very severe osteoarthritis and was first told he needed a knee replacement 10 years ago at 39, but tore off the entire cartilage plate (or what remains) last year which was a massive issue and his surgeon tried the durolane just in case it would get him through till they could do surgery. But its worked so well he's just going to keep doing the injections as theres no limit on them. Steroids did nothing for him


MrsPerfect12 · 22/10/2021 19:31

@CMOTDibbler oh thank you for letting me know. I had surgery in January for an MCL tear and they discovered major issues with my cartilage and removed it all - so we sound similar. I also need a knee replacement but I'm too young.
Did he say if it was painful? I've been putting it off Blush


MrsPerfect12 · 22/10/2021 19:33

Wishing you a speedy recovery @RedHelenB


Goosethemoose · 22/10/2021 19:34

I nearly threw up from the pain, absolute shocker, but then I got it done with an ultrasound to guide the needle and barely felt a thing. I had the luxury of private medical insurance through my job, which covered it.


MooseBeTimeForSnow · 22/10/2021 19:36

I had one in my hip, which sadly didn’t work. I then tried Synvisc and that didn’t work either. I had a total hip replacement one year ago. Pain free since.


RedHelenB · 22/10/2021 19:37


Wishing you a speedy recovery *@RedHelenB*

Thank you I'm really hoping it works, hating feeling old before my time and I need to get some more exercise to shift some weight.
OP posts:

unadulterateddad · 22/10/2021 20:11

I'm Mr CMOTDibbler, and the injections for Durolane don't hurt at all. My knee doesn't like any interaction, so was a bit upset for a week or so but nothing major.

It takes about a month to settle in properly, but if it works it's amazing. Steroid injections lasted about a month for me, Durolane lasts 6 months+ and you can keep having them with no issues.


MrsPerfect12 · 23/10/2021 08:41

I know that feeling @RedHelenB I feel old too. Hobbling out my bed in a morning 🤦🏻‍♀️
@unadulterateddad thank you, you've convinced me to get it done. Going to book on Monday.

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