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Chronic pain

Virtual PA

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Springspringhurrah · 18/10/2021 17:22

This is to do with health - in that I am swamped and it's affecting my health. I have a chronic pain condition, made worse by stress and fatigue.
Has anyone used a virtual Personal assistant? Any tips? How much do you expect to pay per hour? Is it worth it?

As background- I'm sore and tired all the time, husband has longstanding mental health condition and actually isn't capable of much so I have lions share of everything at home, and some relationship difficulties- not surprisingly .. we have 2 kids - dd6 has same condition as me, no pain thankfully but her moods related to fatigue are ballistic, she takes a lot out of me- plus toddler. I'm trying to find various types of help for all of us. We care for DH father who is in 90s, needs increasing help. No nearby family - thank goodness for my wonderful friends who keep me sane!! We have had horrendous damp problem at home - all these things generate admin, maybe I can delegate? ??

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Akire · 23/10/2021 10:46

How you getting on? I’ve not heard of virtual PA unless it’s for a business where there would be many hours of work a week. It may seem like there is loads to do but how many hours you talking 2 a week?

Do you get PIP for anyone in the household? Could you employ someone assist you as personal assistant and you could ask them to do some paper work jobs that you struggle with. Or even friends who happy have some cash in hand for few hours. Sorting other peoples business better than your own!


Springspringhurrah · 23/10/2021 11:36

Thanks @Akire for your concern!
Do you know I had been thinking I might ask my brother. I get myself in such a tizz and then everything seems so much more complicated.

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Akire · 23/10/2021 11:45

90% of admin is finding the right paperwork to start with so even if you had a PA to sort out home insurance say you still need your hands on original certificate which is usually most of the battle. Always worth asking for help even if it’s to blitz current paperwork and organise so it’s easier for you or helper in the future. Especially with chronic illness add in doctors, hospital notes benefits letters it’s constant stream.


Springspringhurrah · 23/10/2021 12:30

It is totally constant!
The things I want help with is to get building repairs and a loft conversion under way. No one answers the phone and then when they call back I'm always either coaxing toddler to nap, or imminently picking up the older one from school .
Hopefully would free me up to concentrate on the health admin for me and my daughter who has same condition.. or for husband or his dad who we also care for. It's neverending..

I'm grateful for your understanding.

Just waiting to see what he says

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