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Chronic pain

Osteoarthritis now Hip Pain...

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IamEarthymama · 12/10/2021 10:56

Oh Heavens Above!
This hip pain!!

I have osteoarthritis and psoriasis and Long Covid, affecting lungs, bowels and bladder.
I have noticed over the last month that I couldn't lie on my side to sleep. Then on Saturday I had a most awful searing pain through my hip, across my back and down my leg to my knee.

I have hardly slept since, I can't find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
I am writing this stood at the dining room table.
It takes my breath away, I can hardly speak when it is flaring up.

I have been putting ice on it which helps, but is difficult with the inability to rest. I am sweating and feeling sick too.

I have a telephone appointment with my GP later.

What help should I ask for. I have dihydracodeine, Naproxen, paracetemol.
I bought Voltarol gel, it helps for about 20 minutes.

Should I see a physiotherapist?

Sorry if this is disjointed, I can't stand still or think straight.

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IamEarthymama · 12/10/2021 10:57

I dint know if this is the correct topic, Osteoarthritis is chronic, but the hip is a new thing.

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IamEarthymama · 12/10/2021 13:34


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Glitterblue · 17/10/2021 21:27

I have just been diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis in my hips. I was shocked to find that was what it was, as it's happened fairly quickly. I think you should ask for xrays first, my GP organised those plus blood tests. He also prescribed tramadol and diazepam while we waited for the xray results, then liquid morphine and amatriptaline after I had my diagnosis. The liquid morphine is for when the pain is unbearable- which is a lot of the time now.

Where is your other osteoarthritis? I hope it's not that in your hip. Mine are sore to the touch down the sides, stabbing, searing pains into the groin and down my thighs into my knees.


IamEarthymama · 17/10/2021 21:51

Thank you for replying!

You just be in dreadful pain, I am sorry that you have this awful affliction.

I went to acute pain clinic on Thursday and was prescribed amitriptyline to relax the muscles which were incredibly tense. I slept on the chair downstairs but then found my ankles and lower legs were really swollen.

I was advised to have “active rest” so I have been pottering, putting washing on the line but no dog walking as he is quite strong.

I am not going to work until Wednesday so I hope it will have eased by then.

I guess watch and wait is doctor’s approach, they said go back if it worsens or is still as painful in a fortnight.

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Bluebellfae · 22/10/2021 00:08

Hi hun i have the same i have fibro, OA in spine top and lower, left knee and now left hip...I know its OA there too as its the same pain . Im also been investigated for endometriosis which can also cause pain in hips etc
Nothing helps me when its bad I take amytriptaline but it doesn't do much really sending huge hugs

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