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Chronic pain

Cause of knee pain?

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Whatiswrongwithmyknee · 06/09/2021 20:16

I have a number of issues on my left hand side - arthritis toe, ankle impingement and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It seems to all stem back to my arthritic toe which causes a limp. Today I tried to go for a short walk. I got about 200m before my left knee started to really hurt if I put weight on it or straightened it. So painful that I had to call my DP to come and get me despite being so close to home. I've taken codeine and I'm more comfortable as long as my knee remains very bent. Any attempt to straighten it at all is acutely painful. It doesn't look like a kneecap dislocation as everything appears to be in the normal place. There is no swelling. If it's no better tomorrow, I will seek medical help but meanwhile does anyone had any idea what this might be or what might help? I've also put a bag of peas on it in case that might help.

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StCharlotte · 06/09/2021 20:24

I'm sitting with an ice pack on my right knee as we speak. Similar symptoms.
Mine is irritated ligaments caused by having flat feet and my right foot is slightly turned out. Or so I'm told.

Yes the ice will help.

If you can, treat yourself to an Osteopath. A doctor (when you can get an appointment) will just refer you to physio and you'll be 107 before to you get an appointment with them.


Whatiswrongwithmyknee · 06/09/2021 20:32

Thank you stcharlotte. I will look for an osteopath with availability ASAP. Unless things change I can't go to work tomorrow so it needs addressing before I am in my dotage! I hope you knee feels better soon. All my issues also track back to flat feet.

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