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Chronic pain

Should I go to the hospital?

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reighn · 28/08/2021 11:23

Hello. Long story short. Since Tuesday night I have had TMI chronicle diarrhoea. 2 days into the diarrhoea I got really sharp excruciating pains in my abdomen in the middle top of my stomach. They made me cry they was that bad at one point they was coming on every couple minutes.. if I ate or drink I would get this pain. I went to the doctors and they didn't know what to do basically she was asking me what I want them too do.. she advised hospital as my pulse was a little high and I wasn't drinking a lot. I came home and started drinking a lot of water the pain subsided and I actually got a good night sleep last-night BUT the diarrhoea is still here and it will be day 4 now. I really don't want to go to the hospital I'm petrified of them is there anything I can do to help the diarrhoea?? I had banana and eggs yesterday and I didn't go to the toilet for hours after but then this morning I had diarrhoea again.

OP posts:

ReginaaPhalange · 28/08/2021 11:33

I mean this in the nicest way. Your doctor told you to go to hospital. Your doctor isn't sure what the best course of treatment is, so her recommendation was the right option. Listen to your doctor and just go to the hospital and don't take medical advice off people who have no idea about your medical history.

I hope you get better soon

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