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Chronic pain

L4/L5 De generation L5/S1 protrusions - excruciating leg pain

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GADDay · 18/08/2021 06:28


I have been in terrible pain since February.

It started with back pain when sitting - really painful unrelenting pain which was only made better by standing up and walking around.

Since then the pain has moved - now the worst pain is in my right leg (all the way down to my achilles). I cannot do anything without experiencing breathtaking pain - it hurts almost all the time and is particularly severe when moving from sitting to standing. I have a limp and cannot even tie my own shoe laces anymore.

I have:
Been to the GP 4 times.
Had xray (showed some age relevant degeneration)
Had MRI - showed protrusions and disc space issues.
Had many many chiropractic, physio, acupuncture, massage sessions.
Saw a Neurosurgeon who sent me on my way with a referral for a CT guided injection (he advised that I may get 24 hours relief, 30 days or 6 months or perhaps no pain relief at all - basically he did not inspire any confidence in this treatment).

My whole life has changed - I can't do any of my usual activities, cannot go out in the car and am generally in pain and miserable most days.

If I take 2 Ibuprofen + 2 Paracetemol/Codeine together I can just about get through my day.

Can anybody recommend any thing that might help me get my life back please?

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GADDay · 18/08/2021 09:12

A wee bump.

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Elouera · 18/08/2021 09:18

I'm sorry to hear this. I'm not 100% sure, but think my mum had/has this. Just walking a short bit made her tired due to the pain. She was given steroid injections, but advised they may not work- they didn't. She also tried osteopathy and accupuncture.

She had a fusion 3mths ago and is back driving, dancing and doing her regular things again. They fused the 2 vertebrae that were causing the issue, and did a bone graft to strengthen the area.

What are the next steps for you? Have they advised surgery? When do you see the neurosurgeon again?


DogFoodPie · 18/08/2021 09:42

Very sorry to hear this I have had bad sciatica and ended up having surgery due to it developing in Cauda Equina Syndrome. They may have mentioned this to you asking if you have numbness in the saddle region between the legs, and any trouble with bladder or bowel. So do watch out for those symptoms.
My surgery went fairly well so I now feel perhaps too much in favour of surgery. I know they have surgery as a very last resort, due to the risks and complications and surgery is not suitable in every case anyway. At the same time if you are in pain for a long time and it is not improving then that needs to be taken into account when looking at the risks of surgery, but they may still think it is too risky or not likely to have a good outcome, of course. That all depends on exactly what is wrong with your back.
I don't know much about the injection but I would consider it if you are in so much pain you can't do anything.
Another thing is to ask for review of your pain medication you should be able to try things like pregablin or amytriptiline for nerve pain, naproxen and maybe some other strong painkillers. I know they are reluctant to give these out but if you are in so much pain you can't do anything they should at least consider it.


reallydontknowoo · 18/08/2021 15:22

I had this - so painful so I feel for you! I had spinal injections, gabapentin and naproxen but it still took a while to get better. Really helped though. Good luck!


GADDay · 19/08/2021 10:04

So I saw a different surgeon today. He immediately ordered a new MRI and on reviewing the results booked me in for surgery tomorrow!!

One of the huge benefits of living in Australia. An easy to access private medical system.

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reallydontknowoo · 19/08/2021 10:34

Good luck. Hope it goes well Thanks


DogFoodPie · 19/08/2021 11:57

Good luck with your surgery.

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